Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Creative Crafting : Day 1

I read a lot of blogs out there in the blogosphere. In fact, I might follow too many. I tend to spend a few hours each week just sitting on the couch and enjoying the craftiness and silliness and wisdom of other writers. It makes this whole blogging thing seem like a community. I was reading my collection of posts from last week, I happened upon a challenge. Turns out that there are hundreds of bloggers joining up for 31 days of blogging. They blog every day and link up to one another to share their posts. Brilliant! I think it's a good challenge for me...particularly because I feel like I've been heavily distracted recently and I haven't managed to get much done. Perhaps this will be the fire that I need to motivate me to finish up the bajillion projects I've started and not finished.

This is my goal...31 posts to create new crafts. There won't necessarily be 31 separate crafts...obviously I haven't provided you one with this post...but there will be pieces and parts that will eventually lead up to some finished projects. That excites me.

I'll be adding links to the rest of the posts as they come along...simply scroll to the bottom of this post for the links.

The primary focus of the projects for the first little bit may be Halloween and fall decorations. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to work on yet, but I do need to bust out my decorations and get ready for my favorite holiday of the year. The pumpkin display is currently being brainstormed and I think that the theme has been finalized. Once I know for sure...I'll be sure to let you know. For those of you who have no idea what in the world I'm talking about...we decorate quite extensively for Halloween. Here's what we produced last year. (I'm quite proud of it by the way...)

So hang in there with me over the next 31 days and hopefully we'll see some good come out of forcing myself to get down to business.

Day 2 : Pumpkin Project Plan
Day 3 : 160 Date Night Ideas
Day 4 : Date Night Idea Box
Day 5 : Using the Mail Merge function in Publisher to make a set of cards
Day 6 : California Style Chicken Cordon Bleu
Day 7 : Happy Halloween Mantle Banner
Day 8  : Repeat Performance - Bottlecap Coasters
Day 9 : Family Monogram Board
Day 10 : Spooky Halloween Bottles
Day 11 : Halloween Newspaper Wreath
Day 12 : Halloween Rag Wreath
Day 13 : Tex Mex Calzone
Day 14 : Simple Stone Spiders
Day 15 : Make Your Own "Bat Mobile"
Day 16 : It's Pumpkin Prepping Time!
Day 17 : Trick AND Treat Buckets
Day 18 : Pumpkin Spiders
Day 19 : Painted Pumpkin Bats
Day 20 : Caprese Grilled Cheese with Balsamic Basil Mayo
Day 21 : Sunday Smorgasbord - Preview for the Remainder of 2012
Day 22 : Distressed Happy Halloween Placard
Day 23 : Trick or Treat Blocks
Day 24 : Pumpkin Preview 1 - Starting the Prep Work
Day 25 : Pumpkin Preview 2 - A Plethora of Painting
Day 26 : Pumpkin Preview 3 - Gettin' Handsy
Day 27 : Pumpkin Preview 4 - I Hate Your Guts
Day 28 : Carving Extravaganza
Day 29 : Pumpkin Preview #5 - Continuation of the Carving
Day 30 : Halloween Eve Preview
Day 31 : Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I can't decide which are my favorites, but it might be Gulliver and the Liliputians. Hilarious! Looking forward to seeing this year's!

  2. I LOVE your Halloween pumpkins! Those are just too much fun.

  3. Thanks for your comments guys! We have a lot of fun putting it together. This year should be a good time...hopefully it will turn out the way I want it to...


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