Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Preview #1 - Starting the Prep Work

The pumpkin work has started!

This year we ended up with a total of 31 regular sized pumpkins in the arsenal, along with 3 small and 11 mini pumpkins. It took a bit of work to get them all to the house. I managed to completely miss a page of the plan and miscounted. So...I ended up making a second trip last week to pick up a few additional pumpkins. Oops.

The garage looks a little crazy right now.

I started by arranging the pumpkins in order to determine which ones would be bases, bodies and heads. That way I won't have any surprises when we go to assemble everyone. (That's also how I originally figured out that we were short.)

I then labeled each one so that I knew which pumpkins would be which monsters. Some just have better shapes for specific characters.

Tonight, I brought the majority of the "head" pumpkins into the house. This is now what my kitchen table looks like. Oy. (And notice...I said most, not all.)

And now the real work begins. I started printing out the stencils. For the ones based off pictures or ideas in my head, I sketch a basic idea on the pumpkin using a washable marker. When it comes time to carve, they may get altered - things might get added or removed. I suppose we'll see. 

It has now become really clear that I have a ton of work to do. The paring knife and I are about to become great friends again. I don't think I've really missed him.

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