Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Preview #2 - A Plethora of Painting

Today was all about the paint. much paint.

In order to really bring the character to the pumpkins, I colored them according to their character. Head to toe green for Frankenstein and the zombie, white for the ghost and the mummy, and black for the bats, black cat, the Grim Reaper, and the Headless Horseman's Horse.

There are pumpkins everywhere you guys. Seriously. Everywhere.

The plan is to clear coat them before they go out in the yard. That way, if it decides to rain around here for any reason my pumpkins will hopefully be safe.

I also worked on Marley's birthday present...a little more painting. I'm completing it in pieces and parts amidst the pumpkins so that it's not a dead run to get it finished by her birthday.

And now my hands are covered in black and green paint. It's under my fingernails. Eww.

I did run into a small, sad event this evening. When I went out to the garage to paint the body pieces, I picked up the pumpkin designated as the Headless Horseman's Head. It more or less collapsed in my hands. The poor thing had been speared at checkout the week before and I had forgotten to tend to its wound. rotted. Eww. Super gross.

Of course losing a pumpkin meant the need for a replacement. So...we took another trip to the grocery store for another $1.50 pumpkin. Darn it.

Tomorrow I'm working on arms and other accouterments. (That's my $10 word for the day.) I was actually supposed to do arms today, but didn't remember until I was two pumpkins in. I decided just to keep painting and deal with that fun tomorrow. Arm manufacturing is my least favorite part. Due to my arm tactical error, I've delayed gutting until Saturday and yard assembly will start on Sunday.

I'm making headway! Little bit by little bit this plan is coming together.

The post is part of a series. To read the other good fun, click here.


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