Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Bit of a Smorgasbord Sunday - Preview for the Remainder of 2012

No finished projects for today, but we were super busy around here. In fact, Collin helped me work on four different projects. Three Halloween projects and one little girl birthday present. He was extremely helpful and I feel like we got a lot accomplished.

But...I can't share any pictures just yet or even let you know what I'm working on. Such a sad situation. But I love a surprise.

I am somewhat sad to admit that one of the projects should've been finished last week. And I'm even more embarrassed to admit that it would've been done a few days ago, had I not been an idiot. Ya...kind of overlooked the need to sand a piece of wood before progressing with the rest of the project. I went to peel of the stencil that would leave the project 100% complete...and...peeled up both layers of paint with it. Son of a...

I also recognized one other slip up today. Apparently, when I was counting the pumpkins that we needed by going through my sketch book...I overlooked a page. Oops. We are currently five pumpkins short. Crap. So I'll be going back out tomorrow and grabbing five more. So stupid. Honestly. I think I even double counted. Dumb.

Also on the agenda for food. Ya...we kind of forgot to get some yesterday and I didn't remember until a couple of hours ago. In the meantime, our dogs have been wildly spoiled with chicken, tuna, rice & egg. They're currently thanking me by wildly barking in the yard and annoying the neighbors. Ugh. much for my day off tomorrow. I'll be shopping and working on projects. I really was planning on reading for most of the day so that I could do some freaking catching up. I'm about ten books behind for my Book of the Year goal. Nothing like being consistently behind. And since I brought that up...a little preview for the rest of the year...

The rest of October will more or less dedicated to Halloween crafts and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. (I will have you know that I actually first wrote "the rest of Halloween will..." It's pretty much all that's on my mind right now). I'll be working on sketches on the pumpkins during the week...potentially giving a few sneak peeks...and then gutting starts Friday afternoon, with yard assembly starting on Saturday and actual carving beginning either Saturday or Sunday. It's going to be nuts for the next ten days. Seriously...nuts.

Once the pumpkin extravaganza is all over and done with, November is all about the books. I'm behind on book reviews by...oh...SEVENTEEN. That's horrible. So I'll be putting through about three to four reviews a week. Continue the craziness. As a reminder, the goal is 64 books for the year, with my 2012 Book of the Year to be revealed in January 2013. There are some pretty good contenders so far.

While all that good stuff is going on...I'll be putting up the 2012 Christmas Project Countdown in about two weeks. The plan is currently being developed. I'll be checking off the gifts as I finish them, just like I did last year. I won't be revealing any of those projects until next year, but I will be putting up some tutorials for gifts I made last year during the month of December. Two words: sock. monkeys. You're welcome.

Wow. How was that for rambling? That's pretty much how I've been all day. In about eight thousand places at once. And now...back at it. Happy Sunday!!


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