Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve Preview

The start of the skeleton...

Yay!!! It's almost here! We've been hucking and jiving over here to try and have everything ready by tomorrow afternoon.

Grim Reaper fully assembled.

The whole family has been pitching in and things are rolling along.

The angry witch.
Progress has been made. I completed two more carves on my lunch break today and Collin assembled a nice pile of the monsters this evening.

The werewolf. He came out blurry, but I still had to share it. I like the light.
I'm still in the midst of carving. Home stretch though...not too many remain.

Tonight...another preview. This time more of the monsters fully assembled.

The vampire.

Check back tomorrow for daylight and nighttime pictures of the completed project!!

My favorite...the zombie.
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