Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Preview #4 - I Hate Your Guts

Today was the big day. The day I've kind of been dreading. Today....the pumpkins got gutted.

I started with 23 pumpkins needing opened. A slightly daunting task...I'm not going to lie.

A short trip to the office to gather some vital tools and I assembled my arsenal. (The picture is lacking the most important tool...the ice cream scooper.

And was down to business...

By the time the football game started at 1:30, I had learned three things. #1 - I just might be able to finish this.  #2 - My freaking thumb hurt. I have a nice purple spot on it and Collin thinks I may have pulled a tendon. #3 - Painting before carving was a horrible idea. I had paint all over my hands and I will have to touch up virtually everything. Lame.

At the end of the production, I had filled three kitchen garbage bags with pumpkin guts, gathered enough additional guts/seeds to plant some pumpkins in our garden for next year, and had a nice bowl of seeds for roasting.

With Patti's help, all 23 pumpkins were gutted by 6 pm. Awesome. So glad that part is over.

And now...I will reward myself with a beer and a cupcake. Score.

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