Friday, October 19, 2012

Painted Pumpkin Bats

The front step is just about decorated. I finished up the pumpkin spiders yesterday and today got the painted bat pumpkins ready to go.

These aren't much more difficult than the pumpkin spiders. However, there was an increased amount of cursing as I realized that I purchased the wrong adhesive yesterday. The one that found its way into my cart takes forever to dry.

I started with the remaining black painted mini pumpkins and added some nice evil eyes.

I used the same templates as some of the bats in the bat-mobile, cut a couple of them out on some sparkly black cardstock using my Pazzle, and clipped their wings from their bodies. That sounds terribly gruesome.

The next part was the hardest...mostly because of the misbehaving glue. I molded a pipe cleaner around the outside of each pumpkin. After that, I glued a wing to each side. Once the infernal glue dried, I wrapped the pipe cleaner back around the pumpkin and twisted the top as tight as I could...keeping the pumpkin inside its wings.

A quick wrap of fishing line around the pipe cleaner and then up to the light sconce and...with the help of Collin's handy dandy Eagle Scout knot tying skills...flying bats now flank the front door.

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  1. Too cute! That's such a clever decoration. I like painting pumpkins much better than carving them. There's less mess and I can be more creative with paint. I feel your pain about the awful glue. I hate it when I accidentally buy the wrong item.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! The painting is nice and certainly easier. I just like the glow of the traditional carving. It makes a pretty good impact.

      And this glue continues to be a nightmare. Lesson learned. Never again!


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