Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Creative Crafting: Pumpkin Plan Reveal

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. It's not for any of the scary things...I scare far too easily, so haunted houses and the like are totally not my style. I love it because it's in the fall (my favorite season), because I love to see the kids getting dressed up, and I love the creativity it inspires. Decorating is always good fun and I love to carve pumpkins.

I put out our Halloween/fall decorations yesterday. I am seriously disappointed in what we have. For some reason I really thought we had more than we do. So...that is going to get changed during these 31 days of crafting. I've started a list and I'm finding some fun things to try and make to add to our decorating arsenal. (Of course, the majority of these ideas come from Pinterest.) We'll see what I'm able to come up with.

Now...that doesn't mean that I don't have anything. I do have a few pretty cute things. I particularly love my Jack o' Lantern man...

 and my "Boo" star given to me by my mom.

We've also had a good time with our little pumpkin lanterns that line the walk each year. The only down side to these is the candles...we may be going with battery operated options this year.

I mentioned yesterday that we were working on deciding what to do for our pumpkin display this year. Well...the decision has finally been made. This year's theme will be...
(drum roll please) ...

Classic Halloween Monsters! You know what I mean...witch, vampire, bats, etc... I'll be detailing the plan a little later in the month, but now you know what lies ahead. I think we're going to have quite a bit of fun with it.

Based on early estimates, I expect to need about 26-28 regular/large sized pumpkins and about 5-7 small pumpkins. This is fairly close to last year's plan when we utilized 19 large pumpkins and 16 small pumpkins. I do have part of the stash being donated in exchange for some homemade pumpkin cookies, but I am certainly interested in finding other sources that would be willing to barter. If you live nearby and have some extra pumpkins laying around or know of someone with pumpkins in their garden that they would like to "dispose of", let me know...I'm happy to trade for pumpkin cookies or zucchini bread. Every little bit I can save on this endeavor would be lovely. I'm really hoping that I can get the results that I see in my head...imagination, don't fail me now!

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