Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Rag Wreath

Apparently I am currently minorly enthralled with wreaths. I know I just showed you the Halloween Newspaper Wreath yesterday, but I'm still going to show you the Halloween Rag Wreath today anyway.

This project comes originally from Sassy Sanctuary, but of course I modified it to fit my own needs. I used a foam wreath form rather than the wire form she demonstrates with. I also added my own finishing touches.

All in all, this is a pretty simple wreath to make. And once again I was able to spend some quality time with the television while I put this baby together. Today's choice was Grey's Anatomy. I think I went through four episodes. Not horrible. But...that doesn't count the fabric cutting that I had done earlier.

I started with about 1 1/2 yards of total fabric. I had 1/2 yard of each of the primary patterns and then a little under a quarter flat each of the secondary patterns. Why a little under a quarter flat, you ask? Well...those two patterns (the green and purple) are actually leftover fabrics from earlier projects.

I cut each fabric into strips measuring about 9" wide and 1" long. Those size strips will not reach all the way around the wreath form, but there was a method to my madness. Reason one: my leftover fabrics were 9" at their that was kind of a constricting factor. Reason two: by using two strips tied together, I was able to effectively get two useful ends and reduce the total amount of fabric needed. Confused? Wait a minute and you'll get it.

Gathering the fabric strips in pairs, I tied the ends together to make one longer strip with a knotted middle. This provided one set of ends. I then wrapped the joined strips around the wreath and tied them together. Tada! Two bows with "one" strip.

I continued adding the fabric in random patterns around the circle, varying where the knots would tie. I tried to primarily keep the outside fabric showing, but every once in a while the fabric twisted, exposing the underside of the fabric. Not to worry, they were either adjustable at the end or really didn't detract from the overall project when they were done.

Once I had the form thoroughly filled, I added my extra fun. I found some awesome fake spiders last year on closeout and grabbed them up for $0.50. Perfect. I attached one to each side. I then added some Chip Chatter in neon green to spell out "Boo". And lastly, I added the looped ribbon to the top to allow me to hang the wreath with a drop.

See...easy. A little bit time consuming, but overall not bad. I like the bright colors even if getting the orange to come out looking right in a photo is a major challenge. Especially when you don't take the final photos until after dark. Ugh.

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