Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Projects Past

Well...I've put it off as long as I could in order to try and get the last person her gift before I posted this, BUT she's decided not to come back until Saturday. So...she has been blog banned until she opens her gift.

The rest of you get to see what those 40 projects for the Christmas Project Countdown were all about...

Today I'm just listing each project along with a photo and the name of the person who got it. Individual posts and tutorials for each project type will follow over the next couple of weeks.'s a small disclaimer. These are not the best photos. I took pictures of the projects right before we wrapped them. I was in the midst of Emily's project and time was ticking down so they don't look awesome. But they work. Also...I majorly failed to take pictures of a nice handful of them before wrapping - so you get a picture of the people with their gifts. Oops.

Now...for the 40 projects of Christmas I ended up with...

Presents 1 & 2 : Emily & ME - Advent Calendars

You saw these back quite early in the game. They were the result of a Pinterest find.

Present 3 : Carole - I Love You Photo Frame

Presents 4 - 9 : Carole, Collin, Krista, Darian, Abigail and ME! - BSU Hats

You've already seen these on my December 10th post. Well...except for Carole...who managed not to get her picture taken.

Presents 10 - 16 : Grandpa, Dad, Tyler, Chad, Jon, Kirsten & Marley - BSU Hats

Kirsten managed to go without getting her picture taken.

Jon was the only one of us on Collin's side that didn't get to go to the game. So he needed a hat too...
These are the true BSU fans on the far left and second from the right.
The far right - Tyler - is actually a Vandal (we won't hold it against him today.)

Present 17 : Mom - Love Shadowbox

Presents 18-26 : Jean, Mom, Dad, Jon, Krista, Patti, Melissa, Erin & Grandma - Scarves

The very first scarf I knitted. I don't think it's half  bad.

I love the colors on my mom's scarf. It should go with just about anything. My dad's should be able to go with his BSU gear fairly well and it's SUPER soft.

I love the diamond pattern that ended up coming out on Jon's. I was a little worried about it when I first started. In our house we all agreed that the one on the right was "Krista colors".

I took Patti with me shopping for supplies for this undertaking. She unknowingly picked out the yarn for her own scarf. Melissa still hasn't opened hers yet, but I think the bright colors fit her personality.

Erin was the first one to jump on and comment that I should make it 41 presents because she needed one too. Ha! She was already on the list.

I really wish I would've photographed this one. This is my first attempt at multiple yarns. I really like how the pattern turned out. Unfortunately, you get a slightly blurry idea. I wanted to give this one to my grandma because I knew she would appreciate the effort - she herself does some wonderful crocheting.

Presents 27 - 29 : Owen, Tyler & Chad - Bottlecap Coasters

(I'll be honest...I don't know who got which set. Pretty sure Chad's are the top ones, the Tyler's, then Owen's. I could be completely wrong.)

Presents 30 & 31 : Krista & Patti - Decoupaged Tile Coasters

These I know! The pink/red set is Krista's.

These funky shapes and colors just seemed more Patti-like.

Project 32 - Carole : Decoupaged Tile Photo Coasters

This photo isn't blurry FYI. I antiqued the photos.

Project 33 : Collin - 52 Things I Love About You Card Deck

Don't worry...this one is at the house. There will be better photos of it in it's own post.

Projects 34-36 : Marley, Kirsten & Abigail - Sock Monkeys

 Projects 37 - 39 : Kirsten, Abigail & Marley - Patchwork Name Quilts


Project 40 : Emily - Alphabet Soup Quilt

Not a bad haul, right? Now you see why I said my sewing machine was busy. It was fun, but I think next year I'll get a bit of an earlier start. Live and learn.

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  1. I think you spanned the gamut! And it all looks great! That makes it worth the insanity, right? ;)

    I made my husband a card deck like that a couple years ago for Valentine's Day, I think it was. It was a fun project!


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