Saturday, January 14, 2012

You've Been Framed

I always try and give our moms something homemade for Christmas. I just think that homemade presents are so much fun - both to make and to give. This year I went the photo route for both moms.

Project 1 : "I Love You" Frame

This one I made for Carole based on an idea I got from Pinterest. We try and keep her up to date with photos, but sometimes we fail the fact that I just gave her photos from last Christmas while she was here for this Christmas. Oops.

The gift was fairly simple to make, but should look good next to her other photos of Dar. I used a regular 8x10" photo frame with 5x7" cream mat. I printed the photo from our family trip to Yellowstone this past summer. I used black and white so that the whole scheme would tie together. Plus, I just like black and white for display photos because then they can more or less go in any room.

The "I Love You" letters are actually fabric stickers. I use them for scrapbooking, but I thought they looked super cute here.

Project 2 : "Love" Shadowbox

For my mom I typically use things from our the photo frame I made for her a few years ago with our baby pictures and a "T", "L", "C" for our initials. (No, my parents did not name us just so that would come out like that.) Sadly, I don't have a photo of it to show you...lame, I know.

This year though, I decided to do a recentone with the family. I used a large shadowbox frame with a front opening hinge. I then framed our family photo in an 8x10" mat and a photo of Marley in a 5x7" mat. I adhered both of them to the linen backing. Unfortunately, my adhesive choice was crappy and they came loose after wrapping. I would suggest using double sided foam tape instead of the scrap adhesive I used.

Finally, I had a large chipboard "love" in my stash. I thought the whole thing could use a little bit of color so the bright red just works out well. There are accent pins to the top right and bottom left of the "love".

See...not too difficult, but still semi-creative (I like to think) and somewhat sentimental. That's the kind of gifts I prefer to give when I can.


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