Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guest Post : Darian's BOTY Book 1

Darian is well underway with his very own Goodreads challenge. His goal is 32 books for the year. He just finished his first book, so he'll be sharing his review of Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. This is his very first review. He's doing all the narrating himself, but I'll be helping him to type his reviews. The words are all his...enjoy!


Hello! I'm Darian.

I am doing the Goodreads Challenge with my stepmom, Lynde. I decided to do it because I thought it would be fun and I'm a really good reader. I'm about an eighth grade reader (maybe past) and I'm only in fourth grade!

I will definitely put this on my bracket of 2012. I will update my bracket every 2-3 books. At the end of the year I will compare the books I read and eventually you will find out which one was my favorite.

The type of genres I like to read would be mystery, fantasy, mythology and historical fiction. I like dragon books a lot

I just finished reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Before I start going into detail, I would like to tell you that this book is mythology and fantasy.

I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars. This book's main characters are Percy Jackson, a satyr called Grover and a girl named Annabeth. Before you read this I would suggest knowing the thirteen Greek gods in this book. They're known as the Olympians. Zeus is the first one. Then Poseidon and Hades. These are the "Big Three".

Percy gets kicked out of school for the sixth time and he's in sixth grade. He figures out that he is a demigod. A demigod is half human and half god. He goes on a quest where he has to fight some of the other gods because an item of Zeus's got stolen. Hades also had something stolen from him too. He has to find these items. If he doesn't then it will start a big war between the gods. Everyone is suspecting that Poseidon did it.

I liked the battles because they were in depth and descriptive. I also liked when he was battling one of the gods because there was a lot of things happening. I liked when Percy talked to the Oracle, because in my mind I heard it and it sounded cool.

If I didn't really know what book to read, I would think about reading this book again. I would suggest reading this book if you really like mythology and battles.


  1. That was awesome! Thanks Darian! I've actually never read this book, but I have seen the movie. I thought it was pretty good.

  2. Jenna - Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading it if you do.


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