Friday, April 16, 2010

Screwy Day

My head feels all screwy tonight. I almost feel like I do when I start to get a migraine...but it's different. I have pain in my temples that radiates across my forehead at the eyebrows. But it's not constant. It's almost like I can feel it moving...ebbing and flowing across my head. And I feel a little sleepy...but I'm not tired. Not sure if that even makes sense. On top of all that, my eyes keep going intermittently blurry...particularly my left one. But if I blink hard then it's fine. If it doesn't stop soon I'm ditching these contacts. I'm hoping it goes away...I hate wearing my glasses.

I'm feeling a little bit of racing thoughts so forgive this side track and then I'll get back to the story I was getting ready to share. I just had to go out and crate Sadie. There's been a storm rolling through over the last hour and I don't think she's a fan of the wind or the thunder. She's driving me crazy with her barking. Maybe now I'll get a couple hours of sanity.

Ok...back on track. Today was a little bit of an odd day. I've had trouble remembering that today is a Friday. It just doesn't feel right. I don't know what day it feels like, but not Friday. I slept in this morning (which was lovely) and then went to my office to take care of an "emergency" patient. I say "emergency" because it really wasn't. But I took care of her concern and moved on with my day. Dropped Collin off at work and then helped him to drop off some supplies for the National Registry Test he's proctoring tomorrow morning.

We were able to grab some lunch and sit together to eat at the station, so I got a few more hours with him than I normally would have. He won't be home until about 2 am tonight and I won't see him between 8am and the following 2 am tomorrow. I'll be glad when his schedule flips next week. I miss him a lot.

After that I drove back towards home and stopped at a couple of stores. I managed to get a dog ramp for Harley so his fat behind can now go to the dog park without breaking my back. Then I went over to Michael's to try and get in on what I thought was a good deal. They had little fliers all over the store marking their specials. One set was showing 40% off their paper pads and another stated 5/$1 for open stock paper. Sweet! So I loaded up my basket.

Up at the register I started noticing that nothing was showing up with a sales price. Not the two paper stack I had, not any of the paper. So I stopped the lady mid-swipe and asked her if the discount was going to show at the end. She said no and then talked with 2 other ladies to figure out why the discount wasn't coming up. Apparently there was some nice fine print in their ad that said that only a small portion of the open stock was actually on sale. Then why did their signs say ALL open stock. I was not happy. The ladies were fairly rude when I tried to tell them that their signs were misleading. They weren't willing to make any changes on the pricing at all with the error. To that I promptly said, "Well I'm going to have to leave it all then." I left the 2 stacks and about a 3/4" stack of open stock for them to put away. I was furious!

At that point my anxiety kicked in and I just had to get home. But I don't think that I'll be shopping there again. Every time I try to get something there it is a nightmare of either an unavailable advertised item or the false advertising crap like today. I'm just done.

I feel a little better now that I've vented. Right now I'm in a way stalling on a project I need to finish tonight. I suppose I'll stop my whining and get back to it. If only my head wasn't being so screwy...


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