Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I is for Indoor Car Wash

Welcome to my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge for 2019! The A to Z Challenge is a blogging event held each April. Bloggers create posts from A to Z beginning on April 1st and ending on April 30th. There is a post scheduled for each day of the month (except for Sundays) with each day corresponding to a sequential letter of the alphabet.

I'm focusing on toddler activities to keep the Boy busy and entertained during the day. A lot of these activities are educationally based, teaching the basics of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, but some of them are just for a good time (they secretly work on motor skills or hand-eye coordination).

Today's letter is I. And I is for our favorite activity thus far, Indoor Car Wash!

This activity was a far bigger hit than I expected. He actually begged to do it again the next day. In fact, I think it's probably about time we went for it again.

We have a large open area with wood flooring between our living room and our kitchen. It's a perfect play area for doing big and/or messy things. We have a Cozy Coupe that the Boy got from Nana and Papa for his 1st birthday that now shares the space frequently with his 2nd birthday present of a trike. When you live in Minnesota, you have to figure out how to bring the outdoor toys inside since it's winter for half the year.

There's nothing the Boy loves more than wheels and water, so the combination of the two was, I supposed, destined for greatness. For the indoor car wash, I grabbed a pan, filled it with water and a little dish soap, and handed the Boy a washcloth. We put the cozy coupe on a bedsheet to keep from having a dangerously slippery play area, and he went to town!

The floor got more cleaning than the Cozy Coupe, but he had a blast splashing in the water and rubbing the soap on the doors and "headlights". When we were all done, we needed a change of clothes, but otherwise we threw the sheet down the laundry chute, ran a quick mop over the floor that had needed cleaning anyway, and we were all wrapped up. Next time, we'll be putting our cheap plastic shower curtain underneath the sheet to further reduce the mess. If we can keep it easy, we can keep it inside!

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  1. Such a fun idea! My younger son loved "washing dishes"--I used to fill a sink of soapy water and let him to go town cleaning his toys--and would have loved this!

    - Jenny,, blogging a to z april challenge

    1. We have a similar activity coming up near the end of the challenge. ;) Anything with water thrills this kid. Thanks for visiting!!


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