Tuesday, April 9, 2019

H is for Helping

Welcome to my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge for 2019! The A to Z Challenge is a blogging event held each April. Bloggers create posts from A to Z beginning on April 1st and ending on April 30th. There is a post scheduled for each day of the month (except for Sundays) with each day corresponding to a sequential letter of the alphabet.

Today's letter is H and H is for HELPING!

The boy has hit an age now where he's curious about just about anything I do. The nice part is that he finds everything to be a game. Since he's coming up on the age where we'll expect him to start taking part in some simple chores, I've been taking advantage of his interest and started to introduce him to things around the house that he can help with.

We live on a farm where there is endless dirt, so I sweep our main floor daily. I typically use a cloth duster mop, so it's fairly easy to handle. He loves to push it aimlessly around the floor. He's also beginning to understand the concept. He knows to stay out of the piles when I'm sweeping and understands that we are taking the dirt off the floor so that it's clean. When I finish getting everything all swept up toward the trash can, he loves to hold the dust pan while I use the traditional broom to get it all scooped up and thrown away.

Similarly, I empty and load the dishwasher every 1-2 days. Little hands love to be involved in that, so I try to distract him with helping in order to keep my silverware from being all over the floor and my colanders from riding on his head. I'll ask him to hand me the spoons or give him a light container to carry to the counter. When it's time to load it up, I'll hand him simple utensils to put in the tray.

He also loves dusting. He has a small easel with a chalkboard side and has a "chalk rag" for cleaning it off to draw new pictures, so he's familiar with the movements. I'll give him a rag and let him help me wipe down the stainless steel on the appliances or wipe the polish from the dining room table and chairs. Obviously, I typically have to follow behind for a little tidy up, but he's building the skills little by little.

His favorite task to "help" with is vacuuming. He's been interested in the vacuum since he was very little. He loves to switch the power off and on and follows me around as I vacuum the rugs. When the vacuum is put away, his imagination comes out and the popcorn popper push toy becomes his vacuum. He uses it to "clean" the rugs when Mama's vacuum isn't available.

He may not always be efficient, but he is usually willing. He's a good little helper and we're just taking the opportunities to keep him entertained where we can. It doesn't hurt him to learn a little (and become aware of responsibilities) along the way.

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