Saturday, September 9, 2017

Book Blogger Hop: The Power of Cover Art

Happy Saturday! I hope all of you out there in Irma's path are hunkered down and safe and that those of you back in my home part of the nation are keeping out of the poisonous air and safely avoiding flames.

Today started off busy and has now become a bit more relaxing. Another piglet found a new home today. One of our boys will be getting nice and pampered on a farm in Fargo, where he'll be hanging with a nice group of girls. After he got started on his journey, I finished up what I hope will be our last batch of salsa for the year. Then it was out to the garden to tear down the last of the corn. It's sitting in a basket on the front step, ready to be shucked and canned tomorrow. The fun never ends.

The poor little guy has been teething for a couple of weeks and today has apparently hit him rather hard. He's been running a bit of a fever and since his mid-morning nap has not wanted to do more than cuddle and sleep. As I am more than happy to oblige on the snuggling, we have been cozied up on the couch for the last couple of hours.

And then I remembered that I created a new blog schedule with a Saturday requirement. That was close.

Saturday is the day for Book Blogger Hop. It's a blogging meme originally started by Jennifer from the no longer existent blog, Crazy-For-Books. She operated the meme from March 2010 until December 2012. It was then revived by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer with Jennifer's permission in February 2013.

Each week (on Friday), a new book related question is posed to participating bloggers. It's a way to network and to find new books and new blogging friends.

This Week's Question: 
Have you ever bought a book because you liked its cover art?

Hahahahaha. Of course I have. I am so freaking notorious for this. After all...that's how I wound up living the sad truth of the Butterfly Saga back in 2012.

Back in 2011, I read Still Alice at the prompting of my friend, Erin. I really liked it. I also liked the cover. Because who doesn't love butterflies?

So, in the beginning of 2012, when I saw the cover of Lift, I was obviously enthralled. Ya, ya...don't judge a book by its cover. But...but...the pretty green, the beautiful butterfly. Ugh.

Noooo. It was painful. And to make matters worse, I went back to the butterflies later that year when I grabbed The Adoration of Jenna Fox.

This one wasn't nearly as bad, but still...the butterfly did not come through with the greatness I was expecting.

Let me tell you a little secret will never stop me. I still frequently choose books based on the attractiveness of their covers. The great thing about this approach is that it can lead you to try things you never would have otherwise and you can find some really fantastic reads or things you never expected to be interested in. Case in point...The Library at Mount Char, which ended up being my 2015 Book of the Year.

Grabbing a read based on the appeal of its cover can be a fantastic reading approach. You just have to be prepared for and accepting of those books who don't meet your expectations. I'd call it the Butterfly Effect, but apparently that term has already been taken. Dang it. I feel like that could have really caught on...

How about you? Do you judge a book by its cover?


  1. Love the white and blue cover! Covers play a very important part in buying for me because I have noticed with many that if the cover does not get the proper care it deserves, many times neither does the story.

    1. You have a good point. Sometimes a lazy cover leads to a haphazard story. I tend to find myself drawn to covers with bright colors or an interesting photo.


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