Sunday, September 10, 2017

Currently: September 10, 2017

It's amazing how quickly a week can fly by when you feel like you're constantly on the run. It's been a bit of a whirlwind around here and I'm up to my neck in "to do" items. I started putting them in my phone so I wouldn't forget, but I think I'm going to make a paper list just so I can have the satisfaction of marking items off and still seeing them prominently displayed. I need validation for motivation.


It's weird outside today. It's been nice and warm at around 75 and I was hoping it was going to be a nice, sunny day so that we could maybe do some Sunday evening fishing as a family. But instead it's been windy and gray. The temperature and the scenery just don't match. It's been a really weird summer.


I took to Netflix this week and watched the entire sixth season of Once Upon a Time during the afternoons while the baby napped on me or I canned in the kitchen. I've loved this show since it first started, but this season was the first time I actually had an episode that I didn't like. It was episode 20 for those curious. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't watched yet, but I'm pretty sure I rolled my eyes incredibly hard for its duration. It was just too corny and not fitting with the rest of the show. I guess in around 200 episodes you're bound to have one just not make the grade. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with season seven.


I've more or less just been falling into bed every night, so not much reading has been had. I am about a third of the way through A Secret Kept though, so at least there has been movement. I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish it this week so that I can can start a read for the RIP (R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril)Challenge XIII.


Today I put on Pandora while I was doing some canning. It was nice to have something playing in the background instead of just having silence. I was hoping for something new, but it didn't pop up any surprises. Luckily though, I did have some good tunes to keep me occupied - The Killers, The Fratellis, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs among others.


I got myself a Ball Blue Book a few weeks ago just prior to the start of canning season. I've been looking through it for ideas and recipes as I've been going about my preserving. Unfortunately, our fruit bushes didn't do so well this year so I'm missing out on some good jams and jellies, but I've used enough of the tomato recipes to result in some well tomatoed pages. Oops.


This week I finished the kohlrabi and some hot salsa. I turned some of the remaining tomatoes into bruschetta and the rest into tomato butter. Today I shucked and canned the corn and picked the beets. I'm hoping to get my beets, turnips, and rutabagas done this week and maybe my Brussels sprouts will be ready by next weekend. They're getting pretty plump.


The little guy has been teething pretty hard this past week. It's been a bit exhausting. Poor bug just wants to snuggle and sleep, but gets a bit crabby and inconsolable here and there...not at all like his happy little self. In addition, we've been working on getting him to sleep through the night in his crib. We're making progress, but I'm finding that between his extra needs during the day, the massive amounts of canning I'm needing to get done, and the heavy amount of sleep interruptions...well...I'm just beat. I've managed to pass out on the couch with him at least once during the afternoon for a quick power nap.


Other than some steady sleep, I've discovered that I need to do a little bit of clothing shopping for myself. I bought some a.n.a. boyfriend t-shirts from JC Penney earlier this summer and I love them. They fit nice and they're really comfortable. Plus, they were relatively inexpensive. Turns out, that's a good thing...because I have at least two that have been ruined by baby formula and food puree. And I just discovered that they're on sale. So...I'm getting some replacements.


I got myself some new chalk markers for my glass calendar on Prime Day. My old ones had dried out a while back, so I was using wet erase markers. It did the job, but it just wasn't as bright or pretty. There were a few different brands available on Prime Day, but the ones I was initially eyeballing sold out before I could grab them. I wound up getting the 8-pack of Crafty Croc chalk markers instead. They're great. The colors are bright and they have double-sided tips (one rounded, one angled) depending on how large and/or sharply you want to write. It's the little things in life.


I bought an airline ticket earlier this week to go visit my family in Idaho in October. Nana and Papa have been dying to see the little guy in person again instead of just via FaceTime. We're hoping that Gary might also get to go for a couple of days, but it's looking like that might not be possible. Brecken and I will be going for about 5 days though and it will be nice to see friends and family again. Plus, I'm looking forward to getting my hair done and having some Imelda's tacos.

And now...this post took me far too long to write today. That's what happens these days. Too many things to get done and little interruptions here and there. I'm headed off to bed and hopefully a little bit of reading time before I crash out. Tomorrow, it's back to work on my checklist of "to do" items, including canning the beets. Wish me luck...

What about you? What does your "Currently" look like?


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