Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Hour 12 (Ahem...Hour 15) Update

Read-a-Thon Hour : 15
Local Time : 9:00pm (Saturday)

A little late is better than never! Made it back from my dinner engagement and have ensconced myself back in the tent. It is now pouring rain, making it quite delightful out here. I suppose I'm going to test the sea worthiness of this vessel over the next few hours. So far I am warm and dry, but a few internal drops have been spotted. The location of their origin is still a mystery, but I suspect my rain fly has a small hole. If this is the worst of it I will certainly not complain. It's coming down in buckets and the tent is still cozy. I call that a win.

Minutes Read Since Last Update: 2 hours 14 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading : 4 hours 36 minutes

I seem to be staying steady at about 2 hours per 6 hour interval. This is not okay. Let's hope that the next couple of runs are a better showing. I'd like to finish a bit more.

Pages Read Since Last Update : 63 pages
Total Pages Read : 143 pages

Likewise, the pages showing has been lackluster. I will say though, I'm having a fabulous time, so apparently the numbers don't matter as much to me anymore. I'm evolving...

Books Completed Since Last Update : 1
Total Books Finished : 1
I'm totally counting Adventures in Wonderland as a completed book even though the one I'm reading is paired with Through the Looking Glass. They were published separately, so I'm counting them separately, that's just how this shindig is going to go.

Currently Reading :

Adventures in Wonderland has been completed. Now reading Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

How I'm Feeling : Re-energized after an amazing dinner with some great people and a wonderful night out with the husband. Ready to see how long I can keep this thing rolling through the night.

Snacks Eaten : Not gonna lie, I ate a LOT of sugar this afternoon. I had some chewy Sprees, some Good N' Plentys (Plenties?), some Mike & Ike's, and a couple of my traditional read-a-thon energy bites. Collin made me a lovely grilled cheese for lunch and I had a bombtastic plate of lamb chops and white truffle risotto along with a couple of glasses of delightful Malbec for dinner. It's been a fantastic food day. There is a bowl of sugary sustenance next to me for the night shift. It should help minimize the number of runs through the rain to the inside. Though I am bound to need at least one bathroom sprint through the spill at some point...

How are you all faring? Everyone hanging in there for the nighttime hours? Let's DO THIS!!


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