Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Hour 18 Update

Read-a-Thon Hour : 18
Local Time : 12:00am (Sunday)

For being a teenager with the permission to stay up all night long, Darian certainly didn't fare well. He peeled off and went to bed at 11. Pathetic showing. 

I'm doing fairly well over here myself. The rain has quit after a pretty steady 3 hour downpour. It's now nice and quiet out in the tent.

Minutes Read Since Last Update: 1 hour 27 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading : 6 hours 3 minutes

It's only an hour and a half, but proportionately I did a lot better this time. With the 3 hours I had available in this section, I read for nearly half of it. I'm calling that a solid win.

Pages Read Since Last Update : 42 pages
Total Pages Read : 185 pages

I have realized a fatal flaw in my read-a-thon plan. I failed to utilize my spreadsheet this time. I don't know how it took me this long to realize it, but now it's becoming a challenge to keep track of things as simply as usual. Rats.

Books Completed Since Last Update : 0
Total Books Finished : 1

Currently Reading :

Nearly finished with this one. Should be wrapping it up within the next hour or so and then moving on to something new. Though my original plan for next book won't work out for now since lighting is limited out here and it is not an e-book. I suppose I'll have to randomly select a replacement. 

How I'm Feeling :

Happy and comfy and ready to keep pushing forward. It's been a really nice relaxing read-a-thon thus far.

Snacks Eaten :

The snack bowl has been refilled. There is sugar ready for the rest of the night. I've just been picking on a little here and there. There is also a nice box of Girl Scout Cookies hanging out waiting to be opened. That makes me quite happy.

It's been a very different read-a-thon this time around. I think I'm settling into a pretty decent groove. I'm also happy to report that I appear to have figured out the odd screeching sound I hear every time I hang out in the tent for read-a-thon. It seems we have a barn owl somewhere nearby. I'm just relieved to know it's not bats (though I'm sure we have those too...they can just keep it to themselves).

Until the wee hours of the morning...happy reading!


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