Sunday, October 9, 2011

Summary Sunday...

Every now and then we all need a bit of a break right? So I've been a little lazy and haven't really posted since Tuesday. But...I have been getting things done. I've completed a couple of knitting projects that will be written about soon and I've been gathering ideas for future blog posts.

Yesterday Darian and I put up the Halloween decorations. Tonight, Collin and I will be finalizing our plans for this year's yard decor. It promises to be fun. Just to give you a little taste of what you can expect...this was the pumpkin I carved for our front porch last year.

This year we're doing more of a full yard type of show rather than just our porch. I'm hoping it comes out as awesome as we're planning. I may be sharing little bits & pieces with you as the month goes along (but not enough to spoil the big finish).

So in order to accommodate my occasional laziness, I've decided to implement Summary Sunday. Basically I'll give a quick rundown of the highlights of my week, including any fun things we did, new recipes I tried, and projects I started. I'll also summarize the posts that were completed that week and share with you my favorite of the blog posts I read this week. The bloggers I read are featured over there ---->

This week was a crazy one around here. Collin has been at work for the majority of the week and left town on Friday night in preparation for a class he taught Saturday. We haven't seen him much, but Darian and I have been busy. We got together as a family along with Collin's sister Krista and her daughter Abigail to watch the BSU game (57-7 over Fresno) and busted out the aforementioned decorations. This morning Darian and I enjoyed a little crack bacon before beginning our day.

Books I Finished : This week I finished reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and started reading One Day by David Nicholls.

Projects I Finished : I finished knitting 3 different hats (all in the same pattern) in order to try and hone my brand new knitting skills. I'll be posting on that next week.

Posts I Posted : I played tag with a few other bloggers and I shared another Crazy Neighbor tale.

Favorite Post of the Week : I laughed ridiculously hard at a post about Freestyle Canoeing written by Padded Cell Princess and had to share the post via Twitter.

I'm off to start planning our pumpkins! Have a great day!


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