Monday, October 3, 2011

A Little Post Tag

My cousin and fellow blogger Jenna over at Mom, the Intern has "tagged" me as part of a round robin blogging game. So you all get the pleasure of learning even more about me. Aren't we all excited? 

1. Favorite color?

Most of you know that I am incredibly fickle about this topic. I can never make a permanent choice.

If we're talking clothes, then I have to say black. I almost always wear black or gray. I promise I'm not emo -- the shirts I like most just happen to be that color.

If we're talking say crafting or scrapbooking colors, then I'd have to go with a brown palette. I like the aqua/brown and pink/brown combos. I think they're cute but in a more grown-up way. That probably makes absolutely no sense. 

2. Favorite animal?

Wallabies. I love them. They're cute like kangaroos, but smaller so you don't have to worry about dying if one of them tries to kick you. Kangaroos are angry little buggars.

One of these days I will be able to go to Australia and see them where they really belong, but in the meantime they are my favorite animals to see at the zoo.

See? Don't you just want to snuggle it?

3. Favorite number?

Three. I don't know why, but I've always just been partial to that number. I'm not superstitious or anything like that, but if I were pressed I would choose 3 as my lucky number. 

4. Favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink?

Hmm...there is a lot to choose from here. I'm not too terribly picky and I like to try new things.

Non-alcoholic I would have to say Cherry Coke - but not the Cherry Coke that comes in a can. I like regular Coke with grenadine added. I especially love the places that add maraschino cherries.

Alcoholic...that's a tough one too. I'm not much for hard alcohol, but I do like both beer and wine. If we're talking beer I would go with Blue Moon (with or without an orange). It's my go to standard.

If we're talking wine, then I'd go with Francis Ford Coppola Rosso. It's delicious. I've only had it twice, but it is a standout. Coming in a close second is Little Black Dress Merlot.

The start to a good evening.

5. Facebook or Twitter?

I have to say that Twitter is growing on me. I didn't really understand it at first, but now I'm having fun with it. I still like Facebook better though. I think I get to be more involved with it's format and I like the variation of being able to do chat, post a status, share a page and view pictures.

6. Your passions?

That's a bit of a loaded question. I like a lot of things. I love reading and scrapbooking and photography. Overall, I really just love crafts. I'm learning how to knit and crochet - skills I never thought I could pull off. I also really enjoy writing. I'm quite liking doing this blogging thing and I've thought many times that I wouldn't mind going back to school for an English degree.

7. Your wishlist for this month?

It's going to sound corny, but I'm going to say time with Collin. He is starting up two new jobs this month as well as taking over as president of his volunteer ambulance agency. He probably won't be home much. This week I'll see him for about thirty minutes each night before we go to bed and then I'll hopefully be able to see him Sunday night. He has a nutty schedule.

8. Favorite pattern?

I could never pull it off with regard to fashion, but I love polka dots. I think they're fun and cute.

This just makes me happy.

9. Favorite day of the week?

Saturday. I get to sleep in, typically don't have to do any office work and I get to spend time with my family. All good things.

10. Favorite flowers?

I am so boring and generic on this one. I think there are quite a few girls who share my favorite. I love calla lilies. I think they are sophisticate and subtle...just beautiful.

White ones are the most common, but I love the pink and plum colored ones.

So now I'm passing on the fun. Tag! I'm tagging Jennifer over at Two Frogs and a Grasshopper, Tricia at Tricia's Take, Kalee at babydear and Melissa at S@!T Happens and Life Goes On. Want to play? I still have 1 tag left. Send me a message if you want to jump in the game!

If you're not a blogger, but you are a reader - go check these girls out! They're friends and great ladies with some special talents. You can also find all of them in my blog roll.  And another big thanks to Jenna at Mom, the Intern for including me in the game!

*** Update *** I have given away my last tag. Go check out the Padded Cell Princess over at She's hilarous!


  1. Wallabies are so cute but I really like wombats. I can understand your struggle on choosing what favorite alcoholic many good ones out there! I just miss my Washington State wines when I lived back in the States. Your polka dot pattern is so cute! Polka dots are fabulous and timeless so I love them!

  2. @Padded Cell Princess

    Have you played the tag game? I do have one left if you want to take it. :)

  3. I haven't played the tag game! I'll be happy to take it from you! Thanks for the offer! ;)

  4. @Padded Cell Princess It's official! The last tag is yours! :)

  5. @Padded Cell Princess It's official! The last tag is yours! :)


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