Monday, June 27, 2011

Glitter : The Herpes of Craft Supplies.

Ok people, it's time for a cautionary tale.

A few years ago I was shopping for scrapbook supplies on QVC during one of those mega days where Lisa Bearnson and friends would be on for like 24 hours. (FYI - I generally took work off for these 'events'. Ah, I miss those days). During the broadcast they busted out these cute letters in six different sparkling colors. Honestly, I ordered without even giving it a second thought. Perfect right? 1 1/2" height and six colors to choose from. I could just see the endless title usages.

They showed up via UPS about 10 days later. I was still super psyched. Unloading those QVC packages was always a super high for me. (I say WAS because this crap economy has cost me my unlimited scrapbooking budget. Damn.) So there I was sitting in the center of my scrap room with all my goodies strung out around me. I came across the box of letters. They were all contained in their own happy little plastic baggies by color. I was still oblivious. How cute they were! I couldn't wait to use them. Oh...if I would have only known.

Don't they look cute...all sweet and innocent?

I think I broke them out for usage about a week later.  I had a great picture, a fantastic plan and it was going to be AWESOME. Hmm...right. So I get the layout nearly finished. Pictures are on, start of the title is there. It's time for the big show. I bust out the silver letters and spell out hotdog across the page. I'm pretty proud of my handiwork at this point to be honest with you. I don't return to the real world until I've scratched my face and touched about 3-5 other projects. The results? Glitter is freaking everywhere! Wtf?! This wasn't part of the deal!

If you look closely, you can see glitter spread all over the photos on the page.

So now I have to throw out my little PSA. Friends don't let friends use glitter or glitter related objects. Why? Because glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. You may not realize it at the time, but once you've got it there is no getting rid of it. Glitter will find its way throughout your page, your album and your scrapbook room. Don't be shy people, there is no shame in the prior use of glitter. Tell your friends, save them from the damage. No one should have to go through glitteration alone.

I learned much from that first disastrous glitter experience. I have still on occasion given in to the cuteness and bought a glitterated item. The only glitter I will now safely use is that which is embedded in paper (e.g. The Glitter Stack).

"Safe" glitter. Still to be used with caution.

But...I am awful at getting rid of supplies once I have them. So those QVC letters still exist. They are safely quarantined in their own little Kokuyo box labeled Glitter Letters. I occasionally open it...most times I quickly shut it and shudder at what might have been.

Safely in their rightful place.

Let's all practice glitter safety people. Safe scrapping is fun scrapping. Now...I'm going to go try and remove the glitter that contaminated me as I took the pictures used in this post. Wish me luck...


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