Monday, June 27, 2011

Projects, Projects Everywhere

I have been very busy lately. Some due to circumstances unavoidable (read: work) and some due to my own creation. I got a Nook for Mother's Day and I have been obsessively organizing my new e-books before loading them on. It's been a very long process that might be finished by the end of this month...or next...

I have also created goals for myself for the year. I've never been big on New Year's resolutions, but I decided to make a few just to see what would happen.

Resolution 1 : Read 52 books during the year. I've been doing pretty well with this little gem and have been using the website Goodreads to keep track of my progress and put books in my "queue" so that I have an idea of what I want to read.

Resolution 2 : Try 33 new things. I'm turning 33 this year so I figured this was a good idea. I'm not being super strict about what constitutes a "new" thing so this will be a pretty easy goal to make (I figured I needed at least one).

Resolution 3 : Make 52 scrapbook pages during the year. I needed something to jumpstart my creativity. I'm struggling slightly with this one, but I think I may end up doing better once I finish this book can only hope.

Resolution 4 : Take a picture a day for the entire year. I've missed some pretty good opportunities for good pictures, but I'm still staying more or less on track with this one. There have been a few photos out of sheer desperation and I would say that near - if not more than - half are of food. But hey...a goal is a goal. No judgment here.

And now I've started up this blogging thing. Not only am I running this one, but I've also revived my scrapbooking blog. I'm currently on week 2 - go Me! I figure I'm going to aim for a post a week and see how I do. But in the meantime, that has spawned another project. In order to post on my scrapbook blog, I have to have photos of my scrapbooking projects. So...I've set up the tripod and I'm taking pictures of all of the scrapbook pages that I may use for blogging. I'm about half way through that.

So...needless to say I'm keeping myself from being bored. It definitely helps on the nights when Collin isn't home. It keeps my mind from wandering and keeps me from feeling lonely too easily. I just hope I can stay on top of them and not let them swallow me up. Come on persistence! (Here's hoping...)


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