Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Blogging Commitophobe

I have always been awful at keeping a journal. I'll be perfectly honest with you. I remember buying a diary when I was younger and being so excited about the rainbow and unicorn on the cover (go ahead, snicker...I think I was 8) as well as the pretty blue pages inside. Best of all I loved that it had a lock and key. My own secret thoughts...how much more wonderful could that be? Well...the lock was easily pried by hand and the excitement over the cover and pages soon faded. I wrote a few entries here and there and then a year would go by. Feverish and dedicated writing for two weeks followed by another year of silence. When it comes to journaling I am very much NOT a creature of habit. (Or maybe I am, my habit is just one of inconsistency)

Either way I have proven myself once again. A little over a year has passed since my last entry and I'm being bitten by the blogging bug again. I blame my cousin for her wonderful blog about being a mother. She is a wonderful, creative writer and I always enjoy reading the things that she has written. In fact, I'm concerned about my ability to find interesting things to talk about as well as my ability to stay committed to the task. For right now the goal is to write once a week. If I manage that for more than a month I may just consider it a miracle.

So...consider the gauntlet thrown down. I've made myself more than one challenge this year and I'm succeeding at the majority of them (to be explained in a later post...I have to give myself SOMETHING to talk about later).  Add this to the pile. I'm going to prove I can do this...sort of...maybe...well, let's not all hold our collective breath.


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