Monday, May 11, 2009

Where the Green Grass Grows...and Grows...and Grows

I will be SO glad when this week is over. We are hosting a graduation party for Collin's sister in our backyard this weekend and I am totally not psyched about it. Why? The better question would be why not. Let's list the reasons why this is not a good idea for me...1. I am totally OCD about having things in order when people come to my house. 2. I am completely socially phobic and can't stand having multiple strangers around. 3. The people coming over include nearly ten children under the age of 7...all of whom are rumored to be poorly behaved and poorly disciplined.

So I've been painfully attacking my yard for the last few weeks. I finally finished trimming all the stupid rose bushes this weekend and there were plenty of curse words to accompany that feat. There were many times that I threatened to post the damn things up for free on Craigslist. Collin's been working on our rock walkway which had become entirely infested with grass over the last year. It seems to be a never ending project...but we only have until Friday and then what's done is done. For a girl who hates yard work this could seriously test the limits of my OCD.

The best part??? I didn't realize until yesterday that even though the party is being held outside, this also means that Collin's family will be staying overnight at our house. So now I also have to make sure that my house is nice and clean. Let the freakout begin.

The only saving grace is that my brother and his wife are also graduating this weekend so there is a party at my parents' house that I will be attending, thus keeping me away from seeing the actual disaster in action for the most part. I have instilled in Collin strict instructions that no one other than his immediate family is allowed in the house for any reason other than to use the bathroom. I know...I'm ridiculous...but hear me out. My fears??? That something will be broken, the carpet will be covered in muddy footprints or one of my cats will be "released into the wild". Trust me, these children I spoke of earlier have quite the record. Collin's sister's husband is the uncle to them and he himself attests to the fact that they can't be trusted and that any damage done will not even have an offer of repair or replacement from their parents.

So for the rest of the week I will be attacking the crappy and relentless patches of invasive grass in the back mounds attempting to remove the impression that my backyard is supposed to be one solid lump of green. It is practically glued to the damn curbing...I think I've lost about a yard of topsoil already. Have I mentioned that I despise yard work???


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