Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Boyfriend's Back

Well, Collin's back from Florida. I picked him up late last night. Since I had a pretty catastrophic equipment failure at my office yesterday, I had today off. We had decided that we'd just spend today hanging out together...good plans just never survive around here. Collin forgot about a meeting and then had a mess of his own at his office. So what originally started as a full day of togetherness has now turned into us spending three hours together. As we speak you wouldn't even know he had been home. Darian and I are hanging out together just as we have every other night this week. Collin is off teaching a class, subbing for the instructor that should be there. It's a complicated story, but needless to say that I am not super happy about it. He won't be home until around 11. Sad.

All in all the week didn't go too bad. Darian and I survived and I made it to work on time without too much trouble. Work pretty well sucked this week what with broken equipment and unruly employees, but it's over now...well, except for the seminar I have to attend tomorrow (which regrettably requires me to wake up no later than 6:30am). Darian made it through the week with all green cards. One should have really been a yellow card but he apparently made his teacher feel guilty and swindled her into giving him a green card so that he can have a play date with the neighbor girl. Sneaky kid.

So the week moves on. The seminar tomorrow followed by some work at Collin's office. Dar will be going with his mom for the weekend so it's just Col & I at home. We're working in the yard to try and get things finished up more for his sister's graduation party and we're going to go help some good friends move some dirt in their yard in preparation for some hefty gardening. Then of course Sunday is Mother's Day...I really need to finish up Mom's present. It's close...just a little journaling and embellishing to go. It's a hectic life, but I'm still glad he's home. At least now I have someone to share the craziness with.


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