Sunday, May 3, 2009

Alone Again, Naturally

So I made a nice early morning trip today to drop Collin off at the airport. He's off for a few days of fun in the sun at a conference in Florida. That leaves me and Darian home all on our own for the next four could get interesting.

I never do well without Collin home. I don't really sleep well and I start to get a little stir crazy after a bit. Collin's been working a 12 hour night shift one day a week for the last month so I'm getting a little bit better about it, but I still find that I miss him after a pretty short period of time. I think it stems from the fact that we've always really been together since the moment we started dating. We've never really had a lot of time apart. He took Darian out of town a few weeks ago to visit his mom and put the snowmobiles in storage and I did fine, but was missing him by the time he got home just two days later. This time though it's me and Darian and four days. That adds a whole new level of complexity.

We did okay today...just a nice easy Sunday. The real challenge will be the next three days. I've scheduled my week so that I should be able to drop him off at the bus stop and pick him up from the bus after school without too much trouble. But there's still the matter of the hour between when he gets off school and I finish work, not to mention the pain of having to set my alarm earlier in the morning so I have time to get the both of us ready and feed all of the animals. Have I mentioned that I don't do well with mornings and I HATE getting up early??

Evenings shouldn't be too bad. I'm planning on a nice rousing couple of hours of yard work over the next couple of days so long as the weather allows it. We only have two weeks left to get the yard cleaned up for the graduation party we're hosting for Collin's sister and I have a lot of tree trimming to do. [I am SO not a fan of having multiple guests (especially those I don't know) over to my house. I can handle our families and close friends, but beyond that I get a little uptight and stressed out.]

After dinner, Darian will have an hour or so before bed and then I'm on my own. I'm planning on trying to finish my mom's Mother's Day present before Collin gets home--so at least I'll have a project. But I know that this will be the toughest time of day. It's the time where Collin & I usually cuddle up on the couch and spend a little time together. Even just being in the same room with him calms me. Not having him around is going to be tough. And then of course there's the already mentioned difficulty with going to bed. I set the house perimeter alarm before I go to bed when he's not here--it freaks me out otherwise--and it usually takes a bit of tossing and turning before I doze off. Even once I'm out, just not having him next to me seems to cause disruption. I wake up a lot and have trouble falling back asleep. Hopefully the yard work will tire me out enough to make me sleep a little sounder.

So it should be an interesting week. It's the first time that I've been alone with Darian for an extended period of time and I can already tell after today that my patience will be tested. Let's just hope that he manages to behave himself in school so that I don't have red cards to deal with on top of everything else. Fingers crossed.


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