Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bitch is Back

Well at least I'm consistently inconsistent. And so here I find myself back here again, drawn to writing in the blog that I've abandoned for over two years. Amazing that it has been that long really!

So I suppose this post will simply be a catch-up catch all for the last couple of years. With any luck I'll be able to keep this thing going a little better after this. I've really felt that I need to start writing things down and reading all of my past posts tonight has really reinstilled that need. If I can manage once a week I figure I'll be doing well.

So...where things are now. Wow have things come a long way. So many things have changed, some for the better and some for the worse. But that's never can tell where it will lead.

Collin & I are still together, going on nearly three years. We still live together, but we now have primary custody of his son. Dar lives with us full-time and stays with his mom every other weekend. It's definitely been a harsh change to my schedule, but it's gone pretty well overall. I've learned a lot having him in the house. My patience still isn't quite where it needs to be, but I'm not awful in my awkward position as a semi-parent.

The office...well, to be honest it sucks. Over the last couple of years I've come to the blatant realization that I don't really like my profession. Not really cool. It doesn't really help that the economy has totally tanked and I find myself in quite the different financial situation than three years ago. I guess maybe my ex got out at the right time. Honestly I'm just putting all my energy in trying to make it all profitable so that maybe someday I'll be able to sell the whole thing for some kind of profit and go back to school. Weird how I was so excited to get out of school, but now I just can't wait until I can go back. I miss learning.

I opened a second business last fall with my friend Patti. She and I are now operating a scrapbook company. It's just a small little side business, nothing profitable, but it gives us something to do with a hobby that we both love. Maybe in time it will become something more than what it is, but for right now it's just a little background thing that gives me and Patti a good excuse to spend time together scrapping.

Collin started the process of purchasing a new office last December. He is now the director of a training facility for CPR and EMTs. It's been a very good thing for him and I can tell he really enjoys it--even when it's completely stressing him out. I've been taken on as the bookkeeper, so I'm in the office for a few hours every week putting in deposits, paying the bills, and doing the payroll. He's also talked me into trying to put together a training program for dental assistants. I'm currently waiting for my curriculum to get approved by the state board, but we're aiming to get it going by fall. We'll see.

If you've read any of the previous posts, you got an earful about J. Well, J is actually Justin and the doors got blown way open on that over the last couple of years. Turns out that Justin did quite a bit of fibbing in the beginning of our relationship. He actually lives in Canada and his boss is really his girlfriend. Funny thing is, she's the one that I kept telling him he should be with. Turns out he's been with her for the last ten years. Too bad I didn't know that at the time. Nice to feel like a homewrecker. Needless to say that, in addition to my living with Collin, changed our relationship. We're still friends, but we don't talk much. I think it actually kind of relieved me to find out that he was in a long-term relationship. It took a lot of pressure off me having to tell him that I'm with Collin for the long haul.

And I really do feel that way. Collin & I have been through a giant pile of crap over the last couple of years. I love him to death and I would hate to be without him. It's been a really rough road at certain points during our relationship, but we've stuck with it.

I suppose in order to keep from having a marathon post again I should probably stop here. Besides, that will keep a few things there for future posts and help me keep this thing alive...let's hope.


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