Monday, November 6, 2006


Things are changing for the better. It seems that the chaos that has been present over the last few months may be settling. Things are slowly calming down and falling into place again.

I have been taking the Wellbutrin for almost two weeks now. I haven't seen a huge change yet, but the amount of swings has certainly decreased. I'm just not sure if it's a matter of the meds or a matter of situational change. Time will tell.

The divorce papers with T were signed last week. Everything should be completely finalized by the end of this week. I am beyond ready for it all to go away. We managed to make it through the process pretty well, but we did have one minor scuffle in the lawyer's office. Seems that T has become petty about the money. An employee of the neighboring practice has a sister in T's English class. Seems he has been quite loose lipped about our impending divorce. A classmate recently asked him how he was handling the whole situation and whether or not he was okay. His reply? "Well, I'm not rich anymore." Hearing that stung a little, but the vindication of my decision was a bit nice. Then came the stint in the lawyer's office. As part of our settlement, I had agreed to pay for T's tuition for the next 3 1/2 years as long as he maintained a 3.0 GPA. We had discussed this situation prior. When it came time to sign the paper though, T stated that he felt that "passing should be sufficient". Well...let's say I was less than receptive to this idea. A minor shouting match ensued and I told him to either sign the papers or I would remove the clause and take him to court. He ended up signing. Let's hope it continues to process properly. I need this done. Unfortunately, once the divorce is final there is still the matter of his remaining stuff. He still has books, a table, and the stupid gun safe to pick up. I'm hoping that will be gone within the next two weeks.

Work is going okay. I started interviewing for an assistant last week. I've got three girls coming for working interviews this week...we'll see what happens. My front office gal interviewed another lady for her position today. Seems that might pan out as well. My fingers are crossed. The only bummer about work is that I'm a bit bored at the moment. With only one assistant, I don't stay nearly busy enough. The rest of the girls in the office have plenty to do, but I just sit and goof around half the time. It makes the day move quite slowly. Let's hope the pace changes soon.

The building is coming along nicely. Brick finally got finished and the flooring is proceeding. Tile is completed. Cabinets are in. Trim is up and stained. Painting is started. Countertops were going in today along with sidewalks. It's nice to see it all becoming...real. One of my floorings is still on backorder, but the questionable doors have made at least I can keep the rooms closed up.

As for personal always it has changed.

I scheduled my staff for a CPR update a couple of weeks ago. We met on the Thursday before last and had nice little refresher course. The instructor was C. He is tall, dark hair, hazel eyes, pierced ears & tattoos. He is a paramedic/EMT and he is gorgeous. Well...I worked up the nerve over the weekend (as I went to Utah with my mom to visit my aunt) and on Monday made a phone call to C on his cell phone (he had given me his card in case I wanted to buy an AED). I very hesitantly asked him out...I thought I was going to throw up. To my surprise, he accepted. C and I have now been dating for a week. He is absolutely wonderful. He is sweet and kind, but funny and unafraid. He is just edgy enough to keep me interested without being out of control. He is ambitious and he is dedicated. We've spent a lot of time together over the last few days. He is divorced and the father of a 4 year old boy (who I met today). He is the best dad. His ex has full custody, but he makes sure that he spends plenty of time with his son and that everything is provided for. He works four jobs and goes to college full-time. He is amazing. Best of all...he's very interested in us. We're both very happy with our new relationship and, though both of us are looking for something that will turn serious, neither of us is ready to get married again for a long time. We fit so well. We have a ton of things in common and being together is just easy. Comfortable. We have none of that "first date jitters" sort of stuff. It's great.

J and I have downgraded to friends at a mutual agreement. He is dating the girl he slept with after my trip to Vegas and I am happy with C. We still talk, but things are slightly awkward at the moment. We both still have deep feelings for eachother, but we've realized that the distance will continue to pull us apart. We talked about our relationship and decided that it would have been perfect if we had been within a hundred miles or so of eachother, but that the distance of an entire continent makes things very very hard and unrealistic. So...that's how it is. We're both dealing well and I hope that we will continue to be good friends.

I'm becoming more content with life. Things may be far from perfect and I may have a very long road in front of me until I feel that I'm really back on track with my life, but I'm finally at a point where I'm starting to feel happy again. Let's hope it's a continuing trend.


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