Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E is for Everything

It's halfway through the work week and I'm already counting down the moments until my weekend arrives. I seriously need it. I'm hoping to spend some of the time getting a little ahead on my posts so that next week moves a little less chaotically. This is what happens when you decide at the very last moment to do A to Z. One of these years I will be a little better prepared.

I know you'll be highly disappointed after a series of series, but today's pick is a solo novel. On the upside, it's a truly wonderful novel. Also...since there is only one book cover photo to share, in lieu of additional book of my pets. You're welcome.

Today's featured fantastic book is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

Synopsis in a Sentence: 

 A love story between Maddy and Olly, but also modern day Boy in
the Plastic Bubble with far less John Travolta and far more heart. 


 First Read:

I read Everything, Everything during (surprise, surprise) a read-a-thon. I received a digital copy as an ARC from the publisher and was in complete book lust. I mean, come on, that cover is beautiful. It reminds me of an adult coloring book (which, incidentally, I am now completely hooked on). I sincerely heart this book. 


Making Connections:

I love it when I can make parallels between a book I'm reading and other books, movies, etc. that I love. There was no shortage for me with Everything, Everything...and that was absolutely not a bad thing. I've already mentioned the Boy in the Plastic Bubble. But I have a few more. The characters gave me a bit of a Rainbow Rowell vibe and Olly's family gave me a creepy American Beauty feel. Even better? There were sections of the book that were just email messages between Maddy and Olly. They, in part, reminded me of the ephemera that I loved so much in Amy & Roger's Epic Detour (also an amazingly fantastic read by the way).


Why it Makes the List:

Everything, Everything is a cute and smooth read that totally gave me all the feels. It made me feel mildly reminiscent about a few things in my past. Even though that presented me with a small degree of heartache, I still loved this book to pieces. It's definitely a keeper. It read like a breeze and was just plain awesome. It's a must read. 

(Oh...and...don't worry. I have more pet pictures available for later posts. I still have one dog and one cat waiting in the wings for their moments of glory.'re so welcome.)

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