Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Daughter

Hey...guess who is a huge dork and totally forgot that posts don't get published on Sundays? Yep...me. You'd think I'd know better in my third go round at this. But...my "C" post went up on Sunday morning anyways. Oops. Oh well...at least I got out of writing a post last night I guess.

So...here we go. Let's head right on in to week two of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, shall we?

I'm fudging slightly with this one. Here's why. Technically, I'm providing you with a series of books today. But...I can only claim the first one as a book I love. Why? Because I haven't finished the rest of the series yet. So...the book I love is actually Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor. However, it's the first in her trilogy of the same name, so I'm including the other two books in here as a bit of a preview for you. (And as a reminder to myself to quit pushing these books down my TBR list. I loved the first one, why continue to put off some books that are bound to be awesome?)

Synopsis in a Sentence: 

Karou is a kickass blue-haired girl who runs errands and gathers teeth (yes...teeth) for a chimera named Brimstone, but finds herself immersed in an odd world suddenly marked by a series of doors with a shadowy black hand.

About the Series:

I am so not a fantasy reader. (Ya...you probably don't believe me after how much I gushed over The Mortal Instruments series on "C" day.) In all seriousness though, I only read this book after hearing about the series non-stop from my book blogging friends. I figured I could give it a shot. Holy crap...awesome. I still have the other two books in the series to read and I really have no idea how I haven't already grabbed them up. Such is the downside of a burgeoning TBR pile...

I read Daughter of Smoke & Bone during a read-a-thon. It was a little bit slow to get started, but once it got moving I didn't want to put it down. I stayed up late for this one...always the sign of a good book. And to be honest, I'm a bit glad I haven't read the other two. Why? Well...because it's been so long now that I guess I'll have to reread the first one to refresh my memory before I dive into books two and three. Rats... ;)

Something Special:

This is totally an aside and nothing at all to do with the quality of these books, but Laini Taylor just looks like she'd be super fun to have as a friend. She is 44 years old, looks like she's about 25, and sports some seriously awesome bright pink hair. Seriously...I don't think I'd mind hanging out with her for a while.

Why it Makes the List:

Daughter of Smoke & Bone is a crazy and imaginative story with some amazingly great description and imagery. Laini Taylor is a really good author and I'm a very big fan of this book. I quite enjoyed the world she has created. She made me fall in love with a genre that otherwise usually just gets a meh response from me. Plus, it's one heck of a creepy take on the tooth fairy. I freaking loved it. Kudos and high five. Seriously. Read this one.

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  1. I feel like I'll have to try this book. I'm adding it to my too read list. The gathering teeth totally got me haha.
    Happy A2Z.

    1. Ya...I'm a bit weird that way. The teeth thing totally had me hooked. It's a really magical book. She's created a world that is pretty amazing. Very talented.

  2. This project looks like so much fun! Even though I don't read a ton of YA adventure/fantasy, I could totally try out this series.

    1. Hey Andi! A to Z would totally be up your alley. It's fun. Seriously challenging, but fun. And this series is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of it.


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