Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Pumpkin Week!

This Saturday is Halloween. Around here, that only means one thing... PUMPKINS!

Preparation work for the yard display is in full swing over here. I'm drowning in pumpkins. I'm down a gutter this year as Collin will be working out of town until Friday, but Darian has stepped up to help. I'm working with a total of 36 large pumpkins and 4 small pumpkins this time around. Thus far, 21 of the needed 31 guttings are completed. I should be able to wrap up that phase today and then move on to the good stuff.

We've had one interesting and fantastic development this year. We have got ourselves a sponsor! How awesome is that? I'm lucky enough to know the wife of the team that owns The Farmstead Corn Maze & Pumpkin Festival in Meridian. They have been amazingly generous this year and helped to supply us with some great pumpkins. 

We retrieved our bounty last Saturday with the help of two particularly adorable little pumpkin wranglers. It took us four carts and three trips, but we managed to get everything out to the truck relatively smoothly. The girls loved being able to pull a wagon together and were pretty darned great despite the air that got chillier towards the end.

The pumpkins are now all safely tucked in the garage. Gutting started Monday and I've just been picking away at it. All of the gear is out and ready and our best tools are being put to the test once again. (For the record...tried the mixer this year with completely failing results. If you want a good gutting instrument, stick with the ice cream scoop.)

We're excited to put on another fun display this year. It's going to be a crazy week, but I'm determined to make this happen!

To keep up with all the pumpkin fun, be sure to follow over on my Instagram. You'll get all the good sneak peeks there as the week rolls along. Happy pumpkin week everyone!

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! Can you repurpose the innards for, I don't know, a couple dozen pumpkin pies? :D


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