Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sick and Tired...

Well...I guess it could be worse...
Today I'm sick. I HATE being sick. I'm pretty sure I was contaminated by the kid, who apparently spent a day or two in bed at his mom's place last weekend. The day after he got back, I got a sore throat. I figured it would pass easily and was pretty elated when my throat felt better the next day. Then there was a resurgence. It started off as an innocent drippy nose...then last night at dinner I started getting a bit congested. By the time Collin & I got home two hours later, I was in purgatory. I was in bed by 9, asleep by 11. For someone who historically stays up until 1 or 2 in the morning, that was quite the early night.

I have my arms full with school, which has been running me ragged. I got two quizzes and two tests under my belt this week, but have another 2 big tests and a paper to write for next week. I definitely don't have time to be sick. Thanks to the crazy hours I've been keeping though, I think my immune system just decided, "nope". I'm now relegated to take a small break and get myself back together so I can focus on the fun that will be studying for finance this week. The test will apparently be comprised of quite a bit of true and false. I'm miserable at true/false questions. They, just behind group projects, are the bane of my academic existence.

And yes...there is a heavy dose of whining in this post. I'm taking advantage of the situation. In all likelihood, I will bounce back a bit by tomorrow and spend the remainder of my weekend making up for lost time. Next week, I'll be pulling double duty, trying to take on all of the work I need finished by the following Monday before Thursday evening so that Collin and I can enjoy our anniversary/my birthday weekend trip without the constant interruption of homework deadlines.

But for today...I'm sick. I'm going to stay bundled up in this cozy bed with the laptop, the iPad, my Nook, and a cup of tea for the duration. There may also be a nap involved. Homework will just have to wait...

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  1. Being ill really sucks. Hope you're feeling better soon. :-)


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