Friday, March 21, 2014

The Great and Powerful A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

This year, I'm trying a lot of new things on the blog. One of these is the A to Z Challenge. It all starts on April 1st and I'm super nervous about it.

So...what is the A to Z Challenge? It's a blogging event where each participant makes a post based upon a letter of the alphabet every day from Monday-Saturday throughout the month of April. Those posts run in order from A to Z. In my particular case, I'll be blogging every day of the month since I have Summary Sundays.

Today, in preparation for the challenge, I am participating in The Great & Powerful A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal. Numerous participants in the challenge are posting a theme to let their readers know what is coming up. Not every blogger participating in the challenge will have a theme, but a lot find that it's easier to complete the challenge, and easier to get readers invested, if they carry a theme throughout the duration of the challenge. To see what other participants will be working on, visit the link above.

So, since I'm participating in the theme reveal, obviously I'll have a theme. Tada! Since the blog is the Erratic Project Junkie, it's only natural to have a theme focusing on projects. Yup...that's right, I'll be posting projects nearly every day for the entire month of April. Specifically craft projects. It's a little daunting.

The majority of my projects have been selected and a large handful are already completed, but there are photos to edit, tutorials to write, some projects to finish, and even just a couple of projects to decide on. It's a lot. There will be crafting, there will be sewing, there will be scrapbooking, there will be ModPodge, and there will be homemade gifts. I'll be spending a lot of spring break getting prepped. But for as nervous as I am, I'm also kind of excited.

Comparing April to March is going to be like night and day. This month it has been a challenge just to get a post up. I've been sick twice, thrown my back out, and just more or less been a mess. It's going to be nice to have things rolling and ready to go for a full month of completed things. I may actually feel like I've accomplished something by the time April is over.

I'm also looking forward to connecting with other bloggers. There are so many people out there with great ideas, wonderful projects, good book reviews, and so much more. I look forward to broadening my blog horizons.

So...stay tuned...the A-to-Z Challenge is right around the corner!


  1. Oh! I'm so excited for this one. I love craft projects. Looking forward to April!

    Leanne Ross ( & @LeanneRossRF )

  2. Craft projects sounds like a really fun theme idea. I hope you have fun with the challenge!

    A to Z Reveal post here

  3. What a cool and useful theme! Happy A to Z-ing!

  4. Projects! Oh, I can't wait to see what you share, so I can try some of them. I made crocheted flowers on my crochet blog for A - Z last year. It was a lot of work, and way too much fun. I'll bet you'll have a really good time with this.

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

  5. Looking forward to ideas you will present on your blog.

  6. Hi Elle - being prepared will definitely you roll happily into and through April .. and the crafty ideas will be fun to see - would love to have that talent .. now I spot Darian too .. who does his own thing sometimes here - fabulous that your son joins you with his reviews .. excellent ..

    Have fun and see you there .. cheers Hilary

  7. Thanks to everyone for the comments! I'm getting excited about A to Z. Especially after seeing what everyone else is up to!

  8. Wow! I can tell you have put a lot of effort into this challenge. I'm anticipating learning a lot from you! How easy-hard are your projects? For beginners? Advanced? a mix?
    Gail at Making Life An Art

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gail! There are some projects that are maybe a little more moderate (these are primarily the sewing projects), but overall the grand majority of these projects can be handled by a beginner. I like to keep things simple. I'm really looking forward to the fun of the A-to-Z challenge. I hope that you'll be able to find a couple of projects that interest you!

  9. Ahhhh, yes! squirrel-heads unite! I rarely finish a project that doesn’t involve a whipmaster (read “boss”) but, because I’ve experienced what feels like an avalanche of deaths in the past five years, I’m all about achievement, fulfillment, all that good stuff, and I look forward to joining with you to effect profound achievement all the way from A to Z : )
    Miss A

    1. Hahahaha....squirrel-heads. I LOVE it! I'm sorry to hear about all of your losses, but it sounds like it has prompted something wonderful in you. I look forward to seeing you on the A to Z as well!


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