Sunday, July 12, 2015

24 in 48: A Little Late Start

I'm still recovering from the plague, but things are getting least in terms of how I'm feeling. The ability to find time for blogging and bloggy type things continues to be at a seasonal low. I made the crazy decision to take two online classes this summer and they're both in full swing. They're condensed 7-week courses, one in literature, one in linguistics, and I am crazy busy trying to keep up with them.

In fact, I got so swallowed up by homework that I nearly forgot that this weekend is the #24in48! It's a 48 hour read-a-thon where you try to read for 24 of those hours.

The bad news is that I won't be making the full 24 hours this time around. The good news is that I do already have some reading under my belt. I spent a chunk of today reading some pieces for my Early American Literature course. It was a bit boring, so I'm excited to read something for fun.

I'm also participating in the #BlumeAlong hosted by Entomology of a Bookworm. We're reading Summer Sisters and the finish date is coming right up: July 17th. I had a brief panic moment last week when I couldn't find my copy. It has disappeared from my bookshelf despite being there for the last too many years. I have no idea where it has absconded to, but I finally just went out and got myself a digital copy. So I'm all set!

If I manage to finish that, I have a small stack of books awaiting me on the nightstand. We'll see what's kind of been nothing but flying by the seat of my pants the last few times. Life is chaotic these days.

I'll be back some time tomorrow with an update, but the goal is just to get some reading done for fun!


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