Sunday, July 12, 2015

24 in 48: And In the End...

The #24in48 Readathon is officially over. I did actually participate. I'm mildly proud of myself for pulling it out of the ditch. I didn't make it to 24 hours. I am neither surprised nor disappointed by this since I didn't even remember it was happening until it was almost half way over. Oops.

So how much did this sad sack actually accomplish?

Well...I got a total of 8 hours and change. That includes some reading for class along with some actual relaxing reading, which was lovely. I could have probably got in about another 4-6 hours, but I crapped out, played on my iPad, and watched some TV with the family. I don't do as well on read-a-thons that I'm not fully prepared for...that's the lesson here. No treat bucket or other prepared reading provisions, not as many hours or pages read. Sad, but true.

I did manage to finish a book though! I finished Summer Sisters by Judy Blume for the #Blumeathon. I'll be posting my review on the 17th along with all of the other participants.

I will say this about it. I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning reading it and I finished it today without giving a thought for another book. That should say something.

Overall, not my best readathon stats, but it was nice to just sit down and read something other than a textbook for a while. For being as unprepared as I was, I'm still glad I grabbed a few hours with a good novel.

How did your #24in48 go?


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