Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bloggiesta Day 2: Official Wrap Up and Unofficial Continuation

The mini-Bloggiesta is rolling to a close. It may officially be ending here in a couple of hours, but I haven't finished everything I want to yet, so I'm planning to continue for the next couple of evenings until I have my projects all finished. I have a good flow going--no sense leaving things half done.

The Twitter chat was great today, but it wound up giving me more things to do. We had quite a lively discussion on Pinterest, and I wound up heading over there and reorganizing my board covers to make them more attractive. That took a bit of time. I also found myself perusing the blogging boards of a few other Bloggiesta participants. It will be helpful, but it took a pretty decent chunk out of my afternoon.

1. Update reading challenge pages.

2. Update bucket list challenge pages.

3. Participate in Sunday's Twitter Chat at 3pm EST.

4. Redesign blog planner.

5. Sort through Goodreads emails and update TBR.

6. Create TBR jar. (in progress)

7. Create project jar. (in progress)

8. Create blog post idea jar. (in progress)

9. Write Top Ten Tuesday posts for June/July/August (at least some...).

10. Visit other Bloggiesta bloggers and comment. Be social!!

**  Reorganize Pinterest board covers.

I hope everyone else's Bloggiesta was as productive!


  1. Good job on finishing all you did! I like your TBR jar idea. I might have to do this, except that I'm a mood reader, so I'm not sure how it'd fly, lol.

    1. That's the big test for me...will it work with my mood reading. I'm really hoping it gives me options for getting out of mood reading caused slumps. I need to pick up the pace this year if I want to even be close to my reading goals.

  2. Nice job! I didn't finish all of my Bloggiesta goals either so am going to keep working on them until done. A full week works better for me as my weekends are kind of busy to begin with. Love your bucket list challenges! I need to do something like that, but I don't have a good track record with completing challenges. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm still plugging away with some of it, but the jars are really kind of an ongoing project anyway.


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