Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Tag Project...Part III - More from Shaina

How about a game of 20 Questions? I'm wrapping up The Tag Project today. Since I already did the questions that Shaina and Karsyn directed at me, I'm finishing up by stealing some of the questions that Shaina answered for her Tag post last week. Why? Because I can...

1. How tall are you?

Sadly...I'm shrinking already. I used to identify myself as 5' 8" (though in reality I've never been more than 5' 7 1/2"). Last time I was measured at the doctor's office though, I only registered at 5' 6 1/2". Drat.

2. Do you have a hidden talent?

Define talent. I'm double jointed in my fingers. It does me zero good in anything practical, but I can make my hands look pretty freakish. Fun, right?

3. What's your favorite song?

Just as I'm a mood reader, I'm a mood listener. My favorite song changes all of the time. I find new ones that I love and ones I've had crushes on get overplayed and start to bug me. Right now, I'm really liking Black Soap by Ex Cops and Dangerous by Big Data. (I was going to link the videos, but the one by Big Data is pretty rough.)

4. What's your favorite way to spend your free time when you're alone?

Does sleeping count? Crap I'm lazy. I usually just like hanging out in the bedroom with the dogs, my laptop, and my iPad.

5. What's your favorite junk food?

Right now, Girl Scout Cookies. Yum. Overall though, I really like cake balls. So. Freaking. Good.

6. If you could drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A Cherry Lime Flip from Red Robin. Leave it as is when I want the alcohol, turn it into a cherry limeade when I don't. Delicious and refreshing. Of course, the soda would totally rot the teeth out of my head.

7. What's your favorite movie?

This one is a tie between Across the Universe and Love, Actually. I've watched both of them at least a dozen times each. Love them.

8. PC or Mac?

PC. I could never forgive myself otherwise. But oddly...totally addicted to my iPhone and my iPad. Android? No way. Surface? Nope.

9. Favorite celeb?

Adam Levine. Hands down. He's just so darned pretty.

10. What got you into blogging?

I started using it as an outlet about a decade ago. I was going through some rough stuff during my divorce and I needed a way to get out of my own head. That blog has gone away and been replaced a couple of times over, and now I'm here. I've been running EPJ for about 4 years, mostly quietly -- though I love getting new followers.

11. What are your Top 5 Stuck on a Desert Island books?

This one is tough. Let's see... Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Let's Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. A couple of criers, a laugher, and a classic. Yup. That will work.

12. How many bookmarks do you own, and do you have a favorite?

I don't own a single "real" bookmark. My bookmarks are mostly random bits of paper. I do have a few small pieces of folded construction paper that Darian colored on and made for me a few years ago that I use now and then. They're adorable.

13. Tea or coffee? Or, is there another beverage you prefer to drink when you're reading?

Tea. I hate the taste and smell of coffee...which stinks (literally) because Collin is a crazy coffee drinker. (The coffee pot broke this week and I've been silently rejoicing.) I typically drink a lot of ice water while I'm reading as well.

14. What are your essential items, besides books of course, for a great reading experience?

A drink (see above), a blanket, and a comfy seat. I also kind of like to have an animal with me. They're just fun to snuggle with. Picabo is a particularly good book buddy.

15. Do you listen to music when you read, or do you prefer silence?

Nope. No music. I'm way too easily distracted.

16. Do you prefer hardcovers, Trade/Mass Market paperbacks, or ebooks?

I love my e-reader (I have a Nook Color), but it's not my favorite of the three. I still love to hold a real book in my hands. I have to have paperbacks though, hardcovers make me nervous and I despise dust jackets. They're obnoxious and I'm always afraid of ruining them. If I have a dust jacket, I take it off to read the book and then put it back on when I'm all done.

17. What is your favorite TV or movie adaptation?

I would say Harry Potter...the whole series, though I particularly like Prisoner of Azkaban. They stayed terrifically true to the books.

18. What fictional world do you want to live in, or would avoid at all costs?

I'll go ahead and avoid Panem (The Hunger Games), but I don't think I'd mind The Night Circus.

19. If you could have any supernatural or magical power/gift, skill, or object, what would it be?

I'm totally with Shaina on this one. I'd go with the ability to control time, particularly stopping it. I never have enough time...ever.

20. Where or from who do you get most of your book recommendations?

I get them from just about everywhere. It seems like I'm always adding more books to my TBR...not always a good thing. Lately, I think the majority of my adds come from other book bloggers, most specifically the books they use in Top Ten Tuesday posts.

And... there you go. More useless information about me. Want to answer these questions for yourself? I say go for it. I always like learning weird things about other bloggers.


  1. You weren't kidding about our similarities! :)

    I'm double-jointed in my elbows and love freaking people out with it.

    I only discovered cake balls two years ago but hoooly crud they're good. Little moist morsels of delicious.

    And I am SO with you on the sleeping! I dunno what's up with me lately (maybe winter?), but all I want to do is nap. No shame.

    Both of your reading buddies are adorable. :)

    Thanks for sharing! I've loved your tag posts.

    1. My brother is better at the freaking people out thing. He's double jointed in his shoulders and does this wing thing that is totally gross.

      One of our local cake ball bakeries just did a set of cake balls using Girl Scout cookies. It might be nirvana.

  2. You and Shaina are two peas in a pod, and I'm like the oddball sidekick. :) Though I do have to agree with you on the coffee thing. My Hubby loves it as well, and I HATE it. Sometimes, when He's up early on a day off, the smell can wake me and I can't fall back to sleep. Drives me nutters! :)

    1. We cross into similarities now and then, you're just keeping up the spice in the trio to keep us from getting boring. :) As for the coffee thing, I had a respite of about 3 days, but he has now replaced the broken coffee pot with a Keurig. Crap.


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