Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bloggiesta Update

I have to say, I should have done Bloggiesta sooner! I've gotten a lot of things done that I wouldn't have thought to do otherwise.

I've been floating around checking out blogs and lists from other Bloggiesta participants and it has really helped me find some ways to make my blog experience easier. There are some great tools out there and I was not taking advantage of them. 

I wasn't as productive on day 2 as I had been on Monday, but there are still a lot of things getting checked off of the list. That makes me very happy.

Here's where I am on my original checklist as of right now...

1. Update "About Me" page.  Done!

2. Update reading challenges. Done! (This took a LOT longer than I expected.)

3. Clean up labels/tags.

4. Clean up sidebar. (In progress.)

5. Create drafts for A-to-Z Challenge posts. Done!

6. Edit photos for A-to-Z Challenge posts.

7. Preschedule week 1 of A-to-Z Challenge posts.

8. Visit at least 5 other Bloggiesta participants daily. (Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun.)

9. Participate in at least one Twitter chat. Done!

10. Update progress at least twice during the week. (One... Two...) Done!

Things I've accomplished that weren't on the original list...


1. Sign up for Trello. (Already implementing some lists!)
2. Sign up for Twubs. (So much better at managing Twitter chats!)
3. Update review policy / add temporary request suspension notice.
4. Clean up blog email inbox.
5. Update Twitter header.
6. Update Facebook header.
7. Update follower numbers.
8. Update read-a-thon page.

1. Back up blog.
2. Change comment platform to Disqus.
3. Clean up Feedly Feed.
4. Clean up Chrome bookmarks.
5. Sign up for IFTTT. (Cross-posting just got easier!)

How's your Bloggiesta going? What's on your list that should be on mine? Any social media tools you use that you think I should try out as well? 


  1. After reading this, I feel like the worst blogger ever! You have an email address dedicated solely to your blog? (You get that many comments/discussions?!?) I need better blog marketing! Also, I have no idea how comments work other than approving/replying to them. I may need to do some serious blog tutorials...eventually...

  2. Worst blogger ever? Bah. I love your blog. I HAVE to have another email for the blog...otherwise things become a mess. I'm a bit of an email hoarder. It's also good for receiving any review requests.

    I'm a HUGE fan of comments. I just switched this over to Disqus and so far I really like it. It's helping me keep track of the conversations better. I use comments a lot for participating in big group blogger activities like read-a-thons, the A to Z and Top Ten Tuesday (which...would totally be up your alley FYI).

  3. You are right it would be better to track conversations through comments. Sometimes I worry when someone comments and I reply, they never see the reply.

    What do you mean by "review requests"? I never get anything like this! (You are much more active in the blogosphere than I am though. I need to be more involved- it might help my blog grow!)

  4. I'm sending you a FB message. I have some links for you to try. With the reading you do, these will be a BIG help. books. :)

  5. You are doing amazing!! So many things! And your blog header is simple beautiful ❤️

  6. Woot! Nice job! I need to head over to whatever IFTTT is because cross posting is like front and center on my bloggiesta to do list (when the week started I was on reviews from December!) Good luck these last couple days!

  7. You're kicking so much butt! I'm on mobile now, but I can't wait to check out your site's new look. :)

  8. It was a fun week. I'm liking the fact that I tidied things up a bit.


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