Monday, August 25, 2014

Bout of Books 11: Wrap Up

Bout of Books

And then it was all over. Just like that.

Seriously. It feels like Bout of Books just started and now it's over. Bummer. I did manage to get some good reading in and the last couple of days have been extremely nice, but now I have to go back to regular life. Drat.

Darian made it home tonight and scraped together a little more reading before he headed to bed. I was right though, not a single page of reading the whole time he was gone. I'm in no way surprised.

I didn't do the number of challenges I had originally planned to do, but it was just too nice being able to ignore everything but books. And so I did. If only life could be like that every day.

I said yesterday that meeting my goals was going to be a squeaker. And a I was totally right on that, too. Ready to see how we did?

Elle's Current Stats 

Currently Reading :

This one is really good. I'm about 2/3rds of the way done and I really like it. has a pretty cover. I'm a sucker for a pretty cover.

Minutes Read Today: 445 minutes 

Total Time Read: 1432 minutes

Goal: 1500 minutes

I told you it was going to be close. If it wasn't for the darned naps I keep taking, I totally would have made my goal. Oh well. I'm actually pretty happy with how I did even though I didn't make it to the 1500 minute mark.

Pages Read Today: 547 pages

Total Pages Read: 1601 pages

Goal: 1500 pages

This is why I'm happy about how I did. I not only made this goal, but overshot it by 100 pages. I'm pretty pleased with that.

Books Finished Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 4

Goal: 6 books

Also not quite there, but not bad. Every book I finished was a library book and I'm just shy of finishing a fifth. That means that the majority of the books I have due here in a week (well...the ones I can't renew anyways) will be making their trip back to the library by Tuesday. I'll take it.

Darian's Current Stats 

Currently Reading: 

He wrapped up his book right before I shipped him up to bed (I let him stay up twenty minutes longer to finish it), so I don't know what he'll be reading next. Probably something to do with vampires. That's been his go to lately. Although he did mention that he was planning on reading Divergent.

Minutes Read Today: 44 minutes 

Total Time Read: 966 minutes

Goal: 1200 minutes

Definitely not a bad showing for a kid who spent half of the week in school and two days out of town. I'm pretty impressed.

Pages Read Today: 67 pages

Total Pages Read: 1165 pages

Goal: 900 pages

He had this one set by Wednesday. I'm telling you...the kid is a totally voracious reader.

Books Finished Today: 1 (because I'm crazy nice and let him stay up past his bedtime)

Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon : 4 out of 5 stars

Total Books Finished: 3

Goal: 3 books.

Now you know why I let him stay up. I would've totally felt like a jerk if he missed this goal by not being able to read for fifteen extra minutes. Plus, I'm sure it would've irked him. :)

And that's the end of the read-a-thon! I still have some blogs to go visit during the next week or so (there's always a couple of weeks of wind down for me on a big read-a-thon if I don't have another one coming up). Beyond that, I'm working on returning to my roots. Believe it or not, after a summer full of reading and read-a-thons, this will be a crafting blog once again. Yes...there will still be book reviews and read-a-thons to come, but not in the sheer volume they've taken over in for the past few months.

I'll be posting more of my reorganization series over the upcoming weeks and I'll be getting some crafts done. The sewing machine is at the shop, so there won't be sewing for a few days, but there are still other options. Plus, I've started on the Christmas list for this year so I can get going on manufacturing some gifts. I also have planning to do for the pumpkin theme this year. It's been picked out, but I need to get together my scheme so I can start figuring out how many pumpkins I need and what we need for supplies. I will tell you though, this year it should be pretty awesome. (Haven't seen our pumpkin projects before? You're going to want to see here and start scrolling.)

And now, believe it or not, I'm going back to reading. This book is good. I'm going to see how much more of it I can devour before I have to turn the light out. After all, I do have to work tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me for Bout of Books 11! If you've been new around here for the past week, stick around a while and see what I do when I'm not reading like a maniac. Hopefully you'll like it. I always like when new readers come to stay!


  1. Congrats to both you and Darian! You both did awesome. It was fun talking to you throughout the week and I'll definitely be coming back here! I hope you're planning on doing BoB 12 :)

  2. You both did a great job this round! It is a bit of let down that it's already over-I've already marked down the next bout of books readathon on my calendar :D

  3. Congrats on all your reading!! It sounds like you had a great time. I'm so glad you hit your page mark, and I guess you just needed that nap! :D

  4. Thanks you guys! We had a good time. We'll definitely be back for BoB12 along with the other read-a-thons I have scheduled on the read-a-thon page between now and then.


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