Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bout of Books 11: Saturday Update

Bout of Books

Today was a productive, yet nonproductive day. It was really quite nice. I woke up via alarm and participated (somewhat groggily) in the Bout of Books Twitter chat. It was quite lively and entertaining and I also managed to glean a handful of book recommendations to add to my TBR pile. Ah, the ever growing pile.

After that, I'll be honest...I totally goofed around for a while. I showered and sort of put myself together and then messed around on the internet reading blog posts, checking out Bout of Books bloggers, and playing games on my iPad. That lasted through lunch. It was freaking awesome to more or less do nothing of substance.

I then buckled down and started reading this afternoon...and fell asleep in my book. Oops. This bed is much too comfy. After my brief nap, I did actually manage to finish a book and this evening started on another. So there was progress...just slowly.

I was also going to participate in today's challenge, but I just plain got lazy. The books are upstairs, I'm on the main floor. Ugh. Just laziness. So I bailed out on that and read instead. I'm okay with that.

Only one more day left in the read-a-thon. It always goes so fast. I'm getting closer to my goals, but I don't know if I'll quite get there. I have that one last push to make it there tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Here's where I managed to get today...

Elle's Current Stats 

This one isn't really what I was a good way. I'm actually really enjoying it. Very light-hearted and entertaining. Have a dictionary nearby if  you read it though, there are some ten-dollar words at play.

Minutes Read Today: 278 minutes 

Total Time Read: 987 minutes

Goal: 1500 minutes

I don't know that I'm going to make the mark on this one. To reach my goal, I'll need to read another 8 1/2 hours tomorrow. It might be close.

Pages Read Today: 390 pages

Total Pages Read: 1054 pages

Goal: 1500 pages

Pages are a more attainable possibility. 446 pages to go. I might make that one. Again, it'll be tight.

Books Finished Today: 1

How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr : 2.5 out of 5 stars

Total Books Finished: 3

Goal: 6 books

Yup. you guessed it. Another goal where I'll probably fall a little short. I'm totally okay with this one though. I've managed to finish off a nice pile of library books before their due dates. That makes me happy. If that's all I get out of it, well...I'll take it.

All in all, not a bad Saturday. The plan is pretty much the same for tomorrow (minus the goofing off for quite so long and the accidental nap). I will however be sleeping in tomorrow. Yay! Seriously looking forward to that. (Which is slightly ridiculous since I'll probably stay up until about 2 a.m. I'm an incurable night owl.)

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  1. I spent a few hours yesterday on Facebook and a million other sites. The worst. How do you track how many minutes you read? I'm pretty stop and go when it comes to reading so I don't think I'd be able to do it! But happy reading on day 7!


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