Monday, June 16, 2014

Library Read-a-Thon : Day 7 & Wrap Up

Well...this week's read-a-thon is over and I'm happy to say that I met all of my goals. I was helped out by an extended power outage yesterday that left us without power from 8pm until 2:30am this morning. That delayed my posting, but also left me with little to do other than read. By headlamp. In bed. Like a dork. Oh well, it worked. I will say, I didn't really realize how much of my life truly depends on power. I was mildly panicked about the meat in my freezer until we knew exactly how long they expected the outage to last. I was also super bummed that my internet access from both my laptop and my iPad relies on power to run our modem and wireless router so all internet related activities were out. That was super inconvenient since most of the plans I had for the evening required the internet. about we see how I did?

Minutes Read Sunday: 5 hours 33 minutes

Total Time Read: 19 hours 38 minutes. (1178 minutes)

Goal: 14 hours (840 minutes).

Pages Read Today: 274

Total Pages Read: 1181

Goal: 850 pages.

Books Finished Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 4

I'm really happy with how I did for this week's read-a-thon. I set my goals a little lower than my last read-a-thon because I figured I'd be busier. In reality, I probably could've set my goals a little higher. Oh well, it was nice. I like being able to reach my goals rather than feeling like I have to force myself to make it there. This week's read-a-thon will be a little different since I have Darian reading with me. It also seems to be a slower week at work so I'll be home and able to read more often. Not great for the pocket book, but good for reading stats I suppose (have to find something positive in that, right?).


  1. Awesome that you were still able to read! My hubby has a light for his Kindle and I have a Fire, so we'd be ok for a bit if/when we lose power. We're power off so let's read kind of people too. :) Congrats on making your goals and hurry for a lot of time to read this upcoming week. I hope you read some great books!

    1. It totally worked out. Both Darian and Collin have commented today how much they're glad we have power tonight, though. Dinner could have been pretty sad if we didn't. :)

  2. Congrats on making your goals!


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