Monday, February 17, 2014

Glitter Glue Mason Jars

Mason jars are becoming all the rage on Pinterest these days. And look at me...being cool enough to use them at my wedding. That's a first...I'm ahead of the raging trend rather than riding on the tails.

I'm not the greatest at design. My creativity doesn't work so well at putting things together. I do better at figuring out small individual projects that maybe work together somewhere down the line. So...when I thought about how to decorate for my wedding, I had a minor freak out.

I used Pinterest to help me along, as well as a few idea books loaned to me by Patti (which by the way are currently on the telephone desk in my kitchen waiting to come back to you, my friend). I managed to get some ideas pieced together. It stayed relatively simple, but I still like the way it all came out.

For the table centerpieces, I wanted to pull a few things together. I needed some color, a little sparkle, and some of us. I don't have a lot of great pictures of everything put together (I kind of failed on grabbing those pics amongst the hectic moments of the day before and day of the wedding and didn't think to ask my photographer or anyone else to grab some good what you see is what I've got.)

© Broken H Photography
They turned out pretty, I think.

I read a few Pinstrosity stories about crafts with mason jars, including this one that actually served as the inspiration for my project.

I bought some mason jars in two different sizes and just hoped that I could make it work without the clumpy results people were showing. In the end, I totally lucked out.

Here's how I did it.

1. Use Elmer's glue on a foam brush. Use the brush to coat the jar in a thin, but thorough layer of glue.

2. Use a large size of glitter. The finer grits of glitter are more likely to clump. The larger pieces will still give the sparkle, but allow the material to spread out easier and stick to the jar rather than itself.

3. Shake! Shake it a lot. Shake it and roll it as you shake to coat the whole jar evenly. Add more glitter as needed.

4. Use a battery operated light. This will keep the jar from getting too warm from a lit candle and won't allow for any melting of the glue and slumping of the glitter. It also allows you to seal the lid back on and decorate the top.

For a final touch, I tied a ribbon around the neck of the jar and adhered one of our punched out and inked paper flowers to the lid.

Simple, but pretty. Just the way I wanted it.


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