Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again.

Well...I am wading through the literally thousands of photos I took between November and now. I have a lot of projects to share, but it's taking me some serious photo editing and reorganization. It's amazing how crazy things can get when you use four different cameras. Oops.

So...as a reminder...here are some of the projects I'll be working on showing you this year (in no particular order):

1. Kiddie Kitchenette
2. Sock Monkeys
3. 52 Things I Love About You
4. Patchwork Name Quilts
5. Alphabet Soup Quilt
6. Homemade Vanilla Extract
7. Homemade Sugar Scrub
8. Jean Aprons
9. Monogrammed Plates & Mugs
10. T-Shirt Quilt
11. "Sparkle" Quilt
12. Gameday Dresses
13. Little Girl Tutus
14. Pony Hoodies
15. Pajama Pants
16. Rice Warmers
17. Rag Rug
18. Beer Bottle Glasses

I'm also working on lining up some items for the Etsy shop. I hit a small snag last month so things have been delayed, but once I get one last piece in place I'll be ready to run with it. Thanks to Pinterest and some cute ideas I've gotten from store items and magazines, I have a large list of things I'm going to be making for that. I will be using the new items for tutorials on the blog as well. It will be nice to get back in the swing of crafting again.

So...starting tomorrow, expect to see more of me. I have photos for two tutorials ready to go and I'll be working on more this evening. That's right. I'm back. Let's do this thing.

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  1. I love homemade body scrubs! I've done a brown sugar one but my favorite (and one I just used!) is just leftover coffee grounds with brown sugar and about 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. Sometimes if I want it to foam, I'll put in our normal body wash with it, but it feels so nice! (and my husband likes to use it too!)


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