Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinterest Anger

This isn't a real's just a venting of my outrage.

I have discovered something extremely annoying over the last week. A few of the recipes that I have pinned to Pinterest have disappeared. These are recipes that I verified as legitimate before pinning and even a couple that I have already completed.

Nothing is more frustrating than planning a meal only to discover that I have no idea how to make it.

So...I have been forced to alter the way I pin and the way I blog. From now on, I'll be jotting down my Pinterest recipes on index cards as I go and any recipes reproduced by me will be listed in full on the blog. Prior to this I tried to give each blogger full credit for their recipe posts...but if you're going to yank it away from me by turning your previously public blog to private....well, then you've lost that privilege. What a cruel thing to do when people just like your food.

I will still be giving credit where credit is due, but since I can't ensure that the links will always be active, I'll be laying it all out for all to see. It's only fair to share deliciousness with the rest of the world.


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