Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Because We All Need a Little Drama...I Just Seem to Get it All of the Time

I forgot to mention a cute little fact about the crap in my week during the last Summary Sunday. So I'm going to put a short little post about it here. (Warning: it doesn't turn out short.)

I had planned to finish up a post for my Week 3 of Project Life, but between the two hours of sleep I got last night and the crap that was today...SO not happening. Instead you get a lazy post from my phone. I'm grumpy and I'm venting.

Last week I took Piper with me to run an errand on Wednesday evening. We went and came back...all within about 10 minutes. I unloaded her from the truck and let her into the backyard. Sadie growled at her. I told her to knock it off and went back in the house (she growls all the time...she can kind of be a jerk).

However, by the time I made it to the kitchen, WWF was on in full force in the backyard. (No, I don't mean the organization with the cute panda logo and I refuse to refer to it as WWE.)

After throwing a crapload of water on them, breaking our water bucket, and screaming myself hoarse, I finally got them apart. Luckily, their injuries were minor and no one needed a vet visit.

We have been keeping them apart ever since. The musical crates/kennel is getting very annoying. Plus...even better, we had a reprise two days later.

I was getting ready for work and had Harley and Piper in the kennel while Sadie was in the yard eating. I asked Darian to go bring Sadie in and crate her. He doesn't listen. Instead, he opened the door to the kennel and it was on like Donkey Kong.

I was dressed for work, with a patient in 20 minutes, watching my dogs attack each other. Blood spattered all over the garage. I thought for sure they were both going to be going to the vet with serious injuries.

I pried them apart with the handle of a shovel and Piper went running into her crate. I shoved Sadie into hers, called Collin (who was on his way back from pulling shift), and told him to check them when he got home. Such a fun morning.

I don't know how lucky we can get, but once again neither dog needed to see the vet. In fact, Piper didn't have a scratch on her. Unfortunately, we now get to play keep away for the next couple of weeks. When you bite your sister, you get a time out.

Just a little more excitement in our apparently boring lives...


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