Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summary Sunday: This Really Can't Be Called a Summary Edition it just me or did this last week go by incredibly quickly? So incredibly quickly in fact that I didn't do a single post. Alright, so part of it might be able to be chalked up to my just being freaking lazy. I had good intentions, I promise. I have 3 books to review and I meant to get to them at some couch and bed just kept calling my name and soothing me into a nearly perpetual state of comforting stupor. I'll be more productive over the next six days. Seriously. that we've cleared the air about that...

This week also sucked. Why? Well...I spent some "quality time" with Dar's teacher for the second time in two weeks...just shoot me now. Last week it was over his not doing a test in class and trying to hide it then lie about it. This week? was a gem. Dar managed to be the only kid in his class of 28 to not complete an assignment. (I'm pretty sure you all know why...he likes to "just sit" there.) The teacher put him out in the hallway to finish said assignment while she had recess duty. Did Dar sit nicely at the desk and finish his assignment? Nope. Of course not. Our darling child decided to STAND ON THE DESK and knock on a teacher's door. WTF?!? How could he think this was a good idea? Of course, he got busted. When I asked him about it later he couldn't even come up with a reason for why he did it. In fact, he insists that he didn't think anyone would hear his knocking...from ten feet away. Ugh. *facepalm* Yes...I meant that. *facepalm*

So Darian got detention. His actions also cemented the fact that he will not be going on the field trips with his class this year. Quite sad considering that they are doing this cool two-day trip where they're going to a planetarium, sleeping in a museum and digging for fossils. We tried to give him the chance to earn the darned thing back and this is what happened a mere DAY later. I give.

It is now all homework and manual labor at our house. Whee! There is, unfortunately an issue with maintaining consistency between the two households so reinforcing that bad behavior comes with punishment is sometimes interesting. Oh...and during his "manual labor" phase this evening, he managed to pull out one of my plants thinking it was a weed. His punishment has now cost me around $20 bucks. Crap.

But...the week did have some upsides. Collin and I got to have a date and it was lovely. We had dinner together at a pizza place we had never been to followed by cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. (Yum.)

Even better? We got to spend all day Saturday together. We hit up some thrift stores and got more supplies for the big projects of the year (I am now up to a whopping total of $25 spent for the two projects combined) and I got some great books and one fantastic find. I got this old Safe-T-Bilt high chair from the 1950's. It is amazingly cute.

I'm going to be refinishing portions of it (while saving the cute seat art). I am totally in love. Collin says that our garage is turning into New Yankee Workshop. I'm quite enjoying my foray into the land of furniture rehabilitation. Yay for thrift stores!!


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