Monday, February 20, 2012

One of Those Calgon...Months...

This isn't so much of a blog post as an apology. Life has gotten crazy over the last few weeks and promises to continue to grow increasingly busy. This past weekend my only free time was spent on the couch watching Love, Actually with posting kind of took a back seat.

I'm planning on continuing to blog as much as possible, but I can't say how regular my schedule will be. Collin is very busy with work and is rarely home. In the next three weeks he'll be home for a total of about four days. It's getting hectic.

My work hours have been a little heavier lately, which is great for the practice, but very much wears me out. The pain that I thought was becoming more controlled with my new meds has come back with a vengeance and I'm popping ibuprofen during the day like they're Pez and sleeping fitfully at night (which makes me super fun to be around).

With Collin gone for work, that leaves me home with Darian, attempting to get him back in line. We spent time with his teacher the Friday before last to try and rectify what has become a huge problem. Our very smart and normally straight A student child has become increasingly lazy over the past few months, not bringing homework home, lying about having homework, not doing or turning in his assignments and lying to his teacher. He is currently sitting with one C and an F. Needless to say, we are not pleased.

So...our evening plans will be changing some. I'll be spending more time keeping him busy on homework and other tasks. In the past we have given him quite a bit of freedom to do as he pleases since he had been responsible about doing well with the things that needed to be done. That is no longer the case. We're keeping him on a shorter leash and making him more accountable for his actions. Additionally, he's started working on a science project that is going to have us being away from the house for a couple of hours at least two or three times a week. That eats up valuable blogging and reading time.

My days sound like a blast, don't they? By the time I'm done with all the "have to's", I honestly just feel like falling into bed. And many nights I have done just that.

Please forgive me if my posts are sporadic and more heavily directed to book reviews and recipes rather than larger projects. I promise that there are more tutorials in the works, but I haven't had the time to devote to them...for some reason, everyone around here seems to think they need clean clothes and dinner...

I hope to get into a routine over the next month or so and be more stable with my writing. Until then...hang in there with me. I really appreciate your readership. One of these days I'll get my crap back together.


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