Monday, January 16, 2012

Summary Sunday - Soiled Carpet Edition

I have returned to the land of the living. Yay! Stupid stomach bug. Nothing I hate more than a good puke. Now that we've dispensed with all the pleasantries, on with the blog...

So it's Monday, but let's all pretend it's not. It's going to go ahead and be Sunday again, 'kay?

Last week was a rough one, so not a lot got done. That means a shortish write for me and an easy read for you. Perhaps both pluses?

Collin is out of town on shift for the week so it's just me and Dar until Friday night. He left on Saturday early in the morning after working three 24 hour shifts during the week. That made for one heck of a crazy Friday before he left. Add to that a sick kid and life gets really fun.

Darian came home from school sick as a dog on Thursday afternoon. I was off getting my nerve testing done on my arms (which - if you've never had electrical impulses shot through your already sore appendages - is a really good time). By the time I got home he had thrown up three times and was white as a ghost on the couch. Off to bed with him, but then he proceeded to vomit on the floor a couple of hours later. Good times. The cat was also apparently appalled by Darin getting all the attention, so he decided to go ahead and poop on the dining room carpet. Once again, good times were had by all.

The offender. Who is currently residing on my lap...and apparently really likes saltines.
Darian stayed home on Friday. Collin was (thankfully) off work at 8:30 that morning so we tag teamed being home in order to get all of the errands done. Dar was feeling well enough by afternoon that he was picked up by his mom as planned. Collin and I were able to go out with our Christmas gift card from Owen & Patti and have a nice dinner...and some drinks. We so needed it.

Saturday I got spoiled even more. Patti was awesome enough to take me for a pedicure after I accompanied them out to take photos of her adorable daughter who is turning two in a few days. It was LOVELY!

Unfortunately, that relaxed and wonderful feeling was ruined about 3 hours later by the appearance of Darian's gift to me...the stomach bug had returned to the house. I spent Saturday night and the wee hours of Sunday morning hurling out what was left of that afternoon's lunch. Not cool. I spent the rest of Sunday in bed and my stomach still hasn't quite returned back to normal. On the bright side, I did discover that Picabo has a penchant for saltines. He practically attacked my hand trying to get one for himself. Weirdo cat. what did I accomplish before the joy of illness struck our home? Not a lot. It's sad...

Posts I Posted : Darian reviewed his second book of 2012, while I showed the scarves I made for Christmas, gave a review on City of Bones and demystified the TLC naming question.

Books I Read : In addition to City of Bones, I finished City of Ashes which I will be reviewing later this week. I also realized a large mistake...yet again. This series has not been fully published either. Criminy! I initially thought that there were only three books in the series. I was wrong. There are six. Drat. I have books 1-3. I need to get book 4. Book 5 will be released later this year and book 6 will be released next year. Seriously, I need to start doing better research before I read.

I have also spent some time over the last week prepping my "to read" list. I've been organizing my e-books and getting things together so I can get an idea of what to read next. There are a lot of good choices.

Darian also informed me earlier today that he has finished his next book, so he will be posting a review this week as well.

Projects I Completed : Well...this week was an utter failure. I attempted to scan my Project Life pages and  the results were dismal. Without a wide format scanner, getting the whole page is quite difficult. So...I tried photographing them. Once again, a big batch of fail. Glare everywhere. So...before I was sidetracked by my stomach's staged coup, I was planning on making a light box this weekend. That project has gotten pushed to this week and I hope to have photos ready of both the Project Life and Smash pages by this upcoming weekend. I'm also keeping my eyes peeled hoping that the Pocket Pages I need will come in's putting a kink in the works.

As for the rest...well...laziness ensued. I'll admit it right now. I did finally get caught up on reading blog posts though so I will be able to share some great blogs and posts in the upcoming weeks. Yay!

Now...I think it's time for some wine and Netflix...ok, maybe water...I don't need revolt part II.


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