Thursday, December 22, 2011

Postgame Update

Things are moving along pretty well, but I did modify my plans slightly from what I had expected earlier in the day. I did get home from work on time and had a nice half hour break on the couch before launching back into project mode.

I haven't completed anything yet, but I had to change the schedule so that I could watch BSU destroy ASU in the Las Vegas Bowl. A big thank you to Kellen Moore, Doug Martin and the Bronco seniors for a great pile of seasons. They will be missed!

I worked upstairs for a couple of hours, but then had to relocate. Since the sewing machine is parked upstairs where the TV only plays PBS and my DVD player, at game time I moved the action down to the living room and instead worked on what was planned this morning as the final project. So no time was wasted!

Here's where we currently stand...

Projects A & B : 2 hours each from completion.

Project C (the biggie) : ~6 hours from completion.

Project D (the original "last project") : 2 hours from completion.

So...with that...I'm off to pull on some pajamas, feed the cats, crate the dogs and settle in for another 3 hourish session with the sewing machine. I probably won't finish both Projects A & B this evening, but I'm going to give it a good college try!


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